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Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa Soundtrack -Hikouseki no Nazo-

天空の城ラピュタ サウンドトラック ―飛行石の謎―
Laputa: Castle in the Sky Soundtrack -The Mystery of the Levitation Stone-

Disc 1

01 The Girl Who Fell From the Sky 2:28
02 Morning in the Slag Ravine 3:04
03 A Rowdy Brawl (- Pursuit) 4:28
04 Memories of Gondoa 2:47
05 Discouraged Pazu 1:47
06 Robot Soldier (Resurrection - Rescue) 2:34
07 Carrying You - Chorus Version 2:03
08 Sheeta's Decision 2:05
09 On The Tiger Moth 2:32
10 An Omen to Ruin 2:18
11 A Sea of Clouds in the Moonlight 2:33
12 Castle in the Sky 4:37
13 Destruction of Laputa 2:00
14 Carrying You 4:08
Disc length 39:24

Translated by reference


Sound Produce, Compose, Arranger & Performance by Joe Hisaishi
Chorus by Suginami Junior Chorus (Track 07, 13)

Lyrics by Hayao Miyazaki
Vocals by Azumi Inoue

Album Staff:
Executive Producers:  Mitsunori Miura and Akira Shimabokuro
Sound Produce/Compose/Arrange/Performance:  Joe Hisaishi
A & R Directors:  Yoshikazu Shoji and Takashi Watanabe
Recording Studios:  Wonder Station and Nikkatsu Studio Center
Engineers:  Masayoshi Okawa, Atsushi Kaji, Suminobu Hamada
Sound Operator:  Yasuko Fukuoka
Chorus:  Suginami Children's Choir
Ending Theme Song:  Azumi Inoue
Jacket Design:  Shiro Yuasa
Special Cooperation:  Toshio Suzuki

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