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The Official Vigilante 8 70's Funk Soundtrack

Catalog Number DM1-4126.101.UK
Release Date May 31, 1998
Publish Format Commercial, Retailer Bonus
Release Price Not for Sale (Britain)
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
PublisherActivision / /


Composer / Arion Salazar, Jeehun Hwang, Bon Harris
Performer / Arion Salazar, David Shul, Brain, Les Harris, Tom Coster, Jon Bendich, Louis Fasman, Jason Slater
Recording Engineer / Eric Valentine
Mixing Engineer / Eric Valentine


Disc 1

01 Vigilante Shuffle 1:59
02 Spinless Funk 3:06
03 Houston 3 2:47
04 Boogie 2:36
05 Chassey 3:09
06 Convoy 2:43
07 Dave 2:41
08 Beezwax 2:44
09 John Torque 2:35
10 Loki 2:42
11 Molo 2:57
12 Sheila 2:38
13 Sid Burn 2:35
14 Slick Clyde 2:38
Disc length 37:50



Original Music by: Bullmark
Music Written by: Arion Salazar
Additional Movie Score by: Jeehun Hwang
Additional Music by: Jeehun Hwang and Bon Harris (Doxon Entertainment)

Music Performed by:
    Arion Salazar: Bass, Keyboards
    David Shul: Guitar
    Brain: Drums
    Les Harris: Horns
Additional Performances by:
    Tom Coster: Keyboards
    (Tom Coster appears courtesy of JVC records)
    Jon Bendich: Percussion
    Louis Fasman: Horns
    Jason Slater: Bass

Executive Soundtrack Producer: Kelly W. Rogers
Produced by: Jason Slater and Kelly W. Rogers
Music Direction by: Arion Salazar, Jason Slater and Kelly W. Rogers
Engineered and Mixed by: Eric Valentine
Recorded at: Royaltone Studios, North Hollywood, CA
Additional Recording and Mixing at: HOS Studios, Redwood City

All other tracks
DOXON ENTERTAINMENT: Jeehun Hwang, Bon Harris
Music Supervision: Kelly W. Rogers

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