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Catalog Number LLLCD 1064
Barcode 826924106426
Release Date Nov 20, 2007
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price Unknown (U.S.)
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
PublisherLa-La Land Records / /


Composer / Geoff Zanelli, Franz Schubert, Ryeland Allison, Bobby Tahouri
Arranger / Bruce Fowler, Walter Fowler, Suzette Moriarty
Performer / Jean-Philippe Audin, Nicolas Charron, Sandrine Vautrin, Odile Abrel, Jean-Jacques Justrafre, Joel Vaisse, Christophe Guiot, Jean-Paul Minalli Bella, Coline Grindel, Christina England
Mixing Engineer / Jeff Biggers
Mastering Engineer / James Nelson
Mixing Studio / Remote Control


Disc 1

01 Ava Maria 2:04
02 I Take Out The Trash 2:23
03 The Belicoff Assasination 2:24
04 Roses For Nika 3:09
05 Random Complication 2:52
06 New Suit 1:17
07 Train Station (Bite Your Tongue) 4:36
08 Istanbul 1:45
09 Table 26 2:25
10 Best Laid Plans 1:38
11 Undress Me 2:42
12 I Need You To Die 2:10
13 My Number Is 47 2:27
14 Trust Unto God (Udre's Funeral) 2:22
15 Rubber Duckie 1:32
16 Righteous Buttkicking 2:11
17 Dénouement 3:28
18 Ava Maria 4:11
Disc length 45:36



Also released on iTunes for $9.99.

Executive Album Producer for La La Land Records: Matt Verboys

Album Produced by Geoff Zanelli and MV Gerhard

Original Score Composed and Produced by Geoff Zanelli

Executive in Charge of Music for Twentieth Century Fox: Robert Kraft
Music Supervised for Twentieth Century Fox by Mike Knobloch
Business Affairs for Twentieth Century Fox: Tom Cavanaugh
Head of Music Department for Euracorp: Michael Wijnen
Music Supervisor: Alexandre Mahout
Legal Coordinator: Vincent Lebègue
Assisted by: Marie Dehaene
Publishing Management: Dominique Pisani

Orchestra Conducted by Mathieu Gonet

Orchestra Contracted by Christophe Briquet

Score Recorded at Guillaume Tell Studios (Paris) by Didier Lizé

Assisted by Pierre Brien

Mixed at Remote Control (CA) by Jeff Biggers

Assisted by Greg Vines

Orchestrated by Bruce Fowler, Walter Fowler and Suzette Moriarty

Music Preparation by BTW Productions, Inc. and Jill Streater

Additional Music by Ryeland Allison and Bobby Tahouri

Music Editor: John Finklea

Section Leaders:
Violin: Christophe Guiot
Alto: Jean-Paul Minalli Bella
Cello: Jean-Philippe Audin
Basses: Sandrine Vautrin, Nicolas Charron
Horn: Jean-Jacques Justrafre
Trombone: Joel Vaisse
Harp: Odile Abrel

Additional Vocals by Coline Grindel

CD Digitally Edited and Mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland

CD Art Direction: Mark Banning

Tracks 01/18 Originally Composed by Franz Schubert

Track 18 Performed by Christina England, Courtesy of Shadow Mountain Records

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