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Sega PowerCuts 1

Catalog Number 697-124-127-2
Release Date Nov 15, 1996
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 16.00 USD
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Remix
Published by Sega Music Group
Composed by bygone dogs, Ron Thal, Jon Holland, Brian Coburn, Tristan des Pres, AZUMA, Spencer Nilsen, Greg Turner
Arranged by Ron Thal, Tristan des Pres, AZUMA, Spencer Nilsen, Greg Turner
Performed by bygone dogs, Ron Thal, Brad Kaiser, Jon Holland, Brian Coburn, Jeff Snider, AZUMA, Spencer Nilsen, Gary Cirimelli, Erik Frykman, Mitch Manker, David Young, Pastiche, Greg Turner
Lyrics by Brian Coburn, Spencer Nilsen, Gary Cirimelli, Pastiche


Disc 1

01 Dayglo Blues 3:28
02 Tabatha 4:51
03 Mechanical World, Act I 2:02
04 Bring It Back (Pirate Boss) 2:14
05 Nocturnicular 2:25
06 VectorMan Theme 4:03
07 Evil Things 2:28
08 Burn 3:39
09 Ramses' Theme 1:35
10 Midknight's Theme 1:47
11 Invasion Of The Empire Army 3:12
12 Sadness of Ghost Weapon 3:51
13 St. Gabriel's Mask/vocal remix 4:32
14 Sonic Boom 3:10
15 Bug Bop! 1:33
Disc length 44:50


01~02 by bygone dogs (from Cyber Speedway)
bygone dogs: Joel Alvares, Tim Alan, Brad Kaiser
Produced by Spencer Nilsen
Recorded, engineered & mixed by Spencer Nilsen & David Young at Sega Music Group Studios, San Francisco.

03~04 by Ron Thal (from Wild Woody)
Composed, arranged, produced and recorded by Ron Thal
Guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals and drum programming by Ron Thal.
Acoustic drums by Brad Kaiser, using Zildjian cymbals and sticks.
Mixed by Ron Thal, Spencer Nilsen & David Young at Sega Music Group Studios, SF.

05~06 by Jon Holland (from VectorMan)
Written, performed and produced by Jon Holland (BMI).
Recorded and mixed by J. Holland at xyxu Studio, California.

07~08 by Brian Coburn (from Ghen War)
Music and lyrics written, produced and performed by Brian Coburn (BMI).
Mixed by Gordon Lyon and Brian Coburn at SegaSoft's Studio 150 in Redwood City, CA.

09~10 by Tristan des Pres (from Eternal Champions)
Written, arranged, produced, recorded and mixed by Tristan des Pres (BMI/SECAM).
Guitars by Jeff Snider (track 9).

11~12 by AZUMA (from Panzer Dragoon)
Produced and directed by AZUMA.
Composed, arranged and performed by AZUMA.
Recorded at NEWTON Studio, Japan

13 by Spencer Nilsen with Gary Cirimelli (from ECCO: The Tides of Time)
Music written, arranged & produced by Spencer Nilsen (SESAC). Co-produced by Gary Cirimelli.
Lyrics by Spencer Nilsen & Gary Cirimelli (ASCAP).
Engineered by David Young. Mixed by Gary Cirimelli.
Featuring Spencer Nilsen on keyboards; Brad Kaiser on drums; Gary Cirimelli on vocals; Erik Frykman on Guitars; Mitch Manker on wind synthesizer & trumpet; David Young on keyboards & programming; Jennifer Hruska provided samples & programming, and Brian Coburn handled sound effects.

14 by Spencer Nilsen with Pastiche (from Sonic The Hedgehog CD)
Produced by Spencer Nilsen (SESAC).
Music written by Spencer Nilsen
Lyrics by Spencer Nilsen & Pastiche (Sandy Cressman, Jenny Meltzer & Becky West).
Engineered & mixed by David Young & Spencer Nilsen.
Featuring Spencer Nilsen on keyboards, Erik Frykman on guitars, Brad Kaiser on drums, David Young on keyboards, and Pastiche on Vocals.

15 by Greg Turner (from BUG!)
Composed, orchestrated and performed by Greg Turner (BMI).
Recorded at RealTime Studios.

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