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Sisters Alcot Vocal collection. Vol.3

Catalog Number Alcot-AV-005
Barcode 4560338940134
Release Date Aug 13, 2010
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2000 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Vocal
PublisherALcot / /


Disc 1

01 Rocket Love Panic! 3:48
02 your little sister 3:20
03 Family Bond 3:28
04 Distant Promise 4:02
05 Haze of the Moon and Sun 5:30
06 Kurenai no Tsuki 4:02
07 Shuuyou 4:15
08 Le baiser de l'ange -Angel's Kiss- 5:44
09 Dear My Precious 4:45
10 Encore 4:25
Disc length 43:19



01.Rocket Love Panic!
   Vocal:Marie  Lyrics/Compose/Arrange:Masato Nakayama (Elements Garden)

02.your little sister
   Vocal:Rekka Katakiri  Lyrics:Mami Nakayama (Angel Note)  Compose/Arrange:Shunsuke Shiina (Angel Note)

03.Family Bond
   Vocal:Sister Ship (Jeremiah (CV:Mia Naruse) & Ezekiel (CV:miru))
   Lyrics:Mami Nakayama (Angel Note)  Compose/Arrange:Shunsuke Shiina (Angel Note)

04.Distant Promise
   Vocal:Rita  Lyrics:TERRA (MintJam)  Compose/Arrange:a2c (MintJam)

05.Haze of the Moon and Sun
   Vocal:Marie  Lyrics:Miyazo  Compose/Arrange:Manack

06.Kurenai no Tsuki
   Vocal:Hina Nakase  Lyrics:Hina Nakase  Compose/Arrange:Satoru Inohara (Angel Note)

   Vocal:Marika  Lyrics:Marika  Compose/Arrange:Shunsuke Shiina (Angel Note)

08.Le baiser de l'ange -Angel's Kiss-
   Vocal:Rita  Lyrics:Rita  Compose/Arrange:HIR

09.Dear My Precious
   Vocal:Rekka Katakiri  Lyrics:Ami Kamishiro  Compose/Arrange:BAL(Yuji Naito&Kazu Yamadaya) (Angel Note)

   Vocal:Marie  Lyrics/Compose/Arrange:Masato Nakayama (Elements Garden)

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