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Down Right Heavy

↓→ Heavy
Catalog Number N/A [Extra Credits]
Release Date Jul 09, 2010
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price 14.99 USD
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement
Organizations Descendants of Erdrick
Composed by Bunbun / , Junko Tamiya / , Yoko Shimomura / , Koji Kondo / , Yukio Kaneoka / , Akito Nakatsuka / , Kenji Yamamoto / , Chris Grigg, David Lawrence, Koichi Sugiyama / , Ryuji Sasai / , Satoe Terashima / , Ken-ichi Matsubara /
Arranged by Chris Taylor, Mike Villalobos
Performed by Descendants of Erdrick (Amanda Lepre, Mike Villalobos, Chris Taylor, Lauren Liebowitz, John Pike)
Recorded by John Pike
Mixed by John Pike
Mastered by John Pike


Disc 1

01 Wood & Water Rage 1:06
02 Start, Select, Shadow Man... Death 4:45
03 The Dream Master's Nightmare 3:20
04 Street Fighter U.S.A. 3:27
05 Our Princess is in Another Castle! 3:44
06 A Story of True Victory!! 3:10
07 Dave's Theme 2:01
08 What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse (Part I) 3:43
09 A Slime Draws Nearer! 4:06
10 Battle with the Minotaur 4:19
Disc length 33:41


Also available in digital format.

This album represents the overall sound and composition of 'Descendants of Erdrick' from 2010-2012.

Descendants of Erdrick 2010-2012 BAND LINEUP:

Amanda Lepre - Guitar
Mike Villalobos - Guitar
Chris Taylor - Bass
Lauren Liebowitz - Flute
John Pike - Drums

Arrangements by Chris Taylor and Mike Villalobos
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by John Pike
Album art by Melissa Flores

01 Wood & Water Rage
from Town & Country Surf Designs: Wood & Water Rage - Level Theme
Composition: unknown

02 Start, Select, Shadow Man. . . Death
from Mega Man III - Intro, Stage/Robot Select, Shadow Man, Boss
Composition: Bunbun

03 The Dream Master's Nightmare
from Little Nemo: The Dream Master - Mushroom Forest, Nightmare Land
Composition: Junko Tamiya

04 Street Fighter U.S.A.
from Street Fighter II - Capcom/Intro, Stage Select, VS, Guile's Stage, Ken's Stage
Composition: Yoko Shimomura

05 Our Princess is in Another Castle!
from Super Mario Bros. - Overworld, Underground, Underwater, Fortress, Victory
Composition: Koji Kondo

06 A Story of True Victory!!
from Punch-Out!! - Intro, Start, Fight, Mac/Opponent Down, Victory, Training
Composition: Yukio Kaneoka & Akito Nakatsuka & Kenji Yamamoto

07 Dave's Theme
from Maniac Mansion - Dave's Theme
Composition: Chris Grigg & David Lawrence

08 What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse (Part I)
from Castlevania - Beginning, Deja Vu (Vampire Killer), Demon Seed, Bloody Tears
Composition: Satoe Terashima (Deja Vu / Vampire Killer), Ken-ichi Matsubara (Bloody Tears)

09 A Slime Draws Nearer!
from Dragon Warrior - Intro, Town, Castle, Overworld, Fight
Composition: Koichi Sugiyama

10 Battle With the Minotaur
from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest - Battle Theme, Boss Theme
Composition: Ryuji Sasai

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