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9624 The FREE

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Oct 31, 2010 M3-26
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price 1000 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement
PublisherPulse Therapy / /


Manufacturer / bashuun!!, W i z., Project I-zk, tappy, dj 9624, BATARI, U.G.M., shun._, SOU1, doro_C (柊サイコセラピー),
Concept / shun._
Illustration / Roskil
Design / baddy /
Mastering / BLACKHEART


Disc 1

01 pipipippi Generation
02 GAME OVER 198X -粉ミックス-
03 OPEN_ING ~リルアの願い~
04 X68版 VORTEX
05 Rainbow Cubic
06 マーッドネス体操
07 ダッシュ煤駈郎
08 KIRIHIME -schranz remix-
09 シュンイチ氏!ジャスコの試食コーナーは食べ放題ではないでござるよ の巻
10 電車deチャレンジャー2010
11 Starship Noa '87 shun._
12 bubbly baloon -UK HARDCORE MIX-
13 ギャブプラス!!
14 GMぱるせら必殺討魔伝Free ~弁慶バージョン~
15 Acrobat Scale Mission
16 cold like stone(remix) 2010
18 Sound Stone -micro K mix-



M01 is arranged by bashuun!!, originally from Gradius Generation.
M02 is arranged by W i z. @FMPSG, originally from this and that by Konami.
M03 is arranged by Project I-zk, originally from Aoi Uchuu no Bouken (MSX).
M04 is arranged by tappy, originally from VORTEX (SFC).
M05 is arranged by dj 9624, originally from Magical Chase.
M06 is arranged by BATARI, originally from Marble Madness.
M07 is arranged by U.G.M., originally from Rally Bike.
M08 is arranged by dj 9624, originally from The Legend of Kage.
M09 is arranged by shun._ vsG, originally from Ninja Hattori-kun.
M10 is arranged by dj 9624, originally from Challenger and Densha de GO!.
M11 is arranged by shun._, originally from Hector '87.
M12 is arranged by shun._☆, originally from Milon's Secret Castle.
M13 is arranged by W i z.  ⇒ bashuun!!, originally from Gaplus.
M14 is arranged by W i z., originally from Genpei Touma Den.
M15 is arranged by bashuun!!, originally from Acrobat Mission.
M16 is arranged by SOU1, originally from Espgaluda.
M17 is arranged by doro_C (Hiiragi Psychotherapy), originally from Darius Gaiden.
M18 is arranged by dj 9624 & syss, originally from MOTHER 2.

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