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Call of Duty: Black Ops

Call of Duty: Black Ops Original Music By Sean Murray
Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Nov 09, 2010
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 11.99 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack
PublisherActivision / /


Composer / Sean Murray, Scott Rockenfield
Arranger / Emilie Bernstein
Performer / Jane Runnalls, Mark Adams, Armen Anassian, Michelle Beauchesne, Steve Becknell, Marissa Benedict, Charlie Bisharat, Jackie Brand, Robert Brophy, Heather Clark, Stuart Clark, Rose Corrigan, Wade Culbreath, Drew Dembowski, Andrew Duckles, Tim Eckert, Mike Englander, Terry Glenny, Jerome Gordon, Dan Greco, Clayton Haslop, Paul Henning, Amy Hershberger, Oscar Hidalgo, Alex Iles, Maia Jasper, Dennis Karmazyn, Daniel Kelley, Brian Kilgore, Tim Landauer, Victor Lawrence, Songa Lee, Jinny Leem, Phillip Levy, Jon Lewis, Lorand Lokuszta, Tim Loo, David Low, Andy Malloy, Shawn Mann, Luke Maurer, Darrin McCann, Joe Meyer, Vicky Miskolczy, Helen Nightengale, Neli Nikolaeva, Brian O'Connor, Phill O'Connor, Grace Oh, Geoff Osika, David Parmeter, Laura Pearson, Nico Philippon, Radu Pieptea, Wes Precourt, Bill Reichenbach, Lynne Richburg, Rafael Rishik, Susan Rishik, Mark Robertson, Anatoly Rosinsky, Kim Scholes, Dave Shostac, Andrew Shulman, Tereza Stanislav, Chris Still, Amy Tatum, Phil Teele, Jim Thatcher, Sarah Thornblade, Doug Tornquist, David Walther, Rebecca Ward, David Washburn, Miwako Watanabe, Alex Wurmbrand, Yelena Yegoryan, Ken Yerke
Recording Engineer / Dennis Sands, Adam Olmsted, Tom Hardisty
Mixing Engineer / Dennis Sands, Brian Tuey, Scott Eckert
Conductor / Tim Simonec


Disc 1

01 Cube One 0:58
02 Eagle Claw (Part 1) 4:14
03 Mac-V 2:17
04 Blackbird 3:11
05 Pegasus 3:09
06 Dwarka 3:09
07 Melville 3:14
08 Crash 0:44
09 Commies 4:16
10 Hard Target 3:18
11 The Wall 3:14
12 Virus 2:29
13 Invictus 2:17
14 Foe 3:21
15 Beheaded 3:56
16 Resurrection 4:55
17 Pentagon 3:13
18 Albion 3:05
19 Eagle Claw (Part 2) 2:16
20 Panthers 5:07
21 Flaming Dart 3:04
22 Delirious 3:38
23 Drexel 4:09
24 Anvil 2:19
25 Revenge 3:18
26 Punch Through 4:54
27 Deviant 4:45
28 Bendz 3:34
29 Rooftops 3:32
30 Epilogue 1:22
Disc length 96:58



iTunes release.

Original Music and Composition by Sean Murray
Orchestration by Emilie Bernstein
Score Conducted by Tim Simonec
Score Recording and Mixing by Dennis Sands
Score Concert Master, Featured Violinist: Terry Glenny
Solo Cellist: Michelle Beauchesne
Vocalist: Jane Runnalls
Score Preparation by Tom Marks
Music Editorial by Jeannie Lee Marks
Digital Recordist: Adam Olmsted
Orchestra Contractor: David Low
Music Preparation: Booker White
Orchestra Recorded at the Eastwood Scoring Stage - Warner Bros.
Score Recordist: Tom Hardisty
Score Technical Engineer: Ryan Robinson
Orchestral Score Supervisor: Adam Levenson


Terry Glenny (Concert Master), Armen Anassian, Charlie Bisharat, Jackie Brand, Clayton Haslop,  Paul Henning, Amy Hershberger, Maia Jasper, Songa Lee, Jinny Leem, Phillip Levy, Lorand Lokuszta, Helen Nightengale, Neli Nikolaeva, Grace Oh, Radu Pieptea, Wes Precourt, Rafael Rishik, Susan Rishik, Mark Robertson, Anatoly Rosinsky, Tereza Stanislav, Sarah Thornblade, Rebecca Ward, Miwako Watanabe, Alex Wurmbrand, Yelena Yegoryan, Ken Yerke
Robert Brophy (1st viola), Andrew Duckles, Jerome Gordon, Shawn Mann, Luke Maurer, Darrin McCann, Vicky Miskolczy, Laura Pearson, Lynne Richburg, David Walther
Andrew Shulman (1st cello), Michelle Beauchesne, Dennis Karmazyn, Tim Landauer, Victor Lawrence, Tim Loo, David Low, Kim Scholes
David Parmeter (1st bass), Drew Dembowski, Tim Eckert, Oscar Hidalgo, Geoff Osika, Nico Philippon
Dave Shostac (1st flute), Heather Clark, Amy Tatum
Stuart Clark (1st clarinet), Phill O'Connor
Rose Corrigan
Jim Thatcher (1st horn), Steve Becknell, Mark Adams, Daniel Kelley, Brian O'Connor, Joe Meyer
David Washburn (1st trumpet), Jon Lewis, Chris Still, Marissa Benedict
Alex Iles (1st trombone), Andy Malloy, Bill Reichenbach, Phil Teele
Doug Tornquist
Wade Culbreath, Mike Englander, Brian Kilgore, Dan Greco

Additional Music by Scott Rockenfield, Courtesy of Roadrunner Records

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Platforms represented
Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PC, Sony PlayStation 3

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