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KK set list

K.K. Setlist: An Aborted Animal Crossing ReMix Project
Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Sep 17, 2009
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format 2 Digital
Classification Arrangement
OrganizationsJoe Cam


Disc 1

01 Rockin' the Crossing 3:33
02 KKmusic Dj 6:29
03 Safari 3:39
04 Purdie Old Days 3:28
05 Shimmering in the Dark 4:22
06 T.S. Aria 1:09
07 I Got Soul 3:17
08 7am (feat. Chico Ray) 4:17
09 Rider's Bewailment 4:35
10 Acetone 3:23
11 Enjoying the Rain 3:57
12 Good Old Days 3:16
13 Just a Summer Drizzle 2:08
14 Only Me 2:21
15 Kristina 1:59
16 K.K. Sex-A-Peel 3:25
17 Letting Go 4:04
18 Mr. Soccerball 3:05
19 Camrade 2:30
20 1 AM Smile 2:35
21 7 AM (Instrumental) 4:02
22 KKmusic Dj (alt) 6:29
Disc length 78:03
Disc 2

01 K.K. Cruisin' 2:33
02 Clock Part 2 V2 MIX 4:08
03 Clock V5 MIX 8:01
04 bossa00 1:36
05 nilli00 0:27
06 rainy00 1:22
07 Slidin' & Cruisin' Live 3:35
08 K.K. ReMix 3:45
09 4 A.M. (v6) 1:13
10 K.K. Dirge 0:34
11 K.K. Western (WIP2) 4:24
12 Get Out of Town (rough demo) 3:36
Disc length 35:14

  Total tracks 34   Total length 1:53:17



Sixto Sounds (101, 110, 211-212)
FFmusic Dj (102, 122)
Mazedude (103)
Posu Yan (104, 112)
Level 99 (105)
Tim Sheehy (106, 120)
Mustin (107, 116)
Anthony Lofton (107)
Crazy Crakaz (108, 212)
Chico Ray (108)
Vampire Hunter Dan (109)
Salluz (111)
Girlz Melon (114)
Benedikt Terhechte (115)
OA (117)
Theory of Nonexistence (118)
Diggi Dis (119)
DCT (121)
Bruce Bonebreak (201)
Christian Pacaud (202-203)
Joshua Morse (204-206)
Less Ashamed of Self (207-208)
Monobrow (209)
Nutritious (210)

I'm sure many of you know that for well over a year I've been working on an Animal Crossing project. I had a good number of tracks, people I knew I could count on to come through last minute once I had a set deadline and a potential ace up my sleeve in the case of a massive 30+ minute medley. Hopes were high, progress was swift. Things were on track for a Christmas 2008 release.

Then I hit a snag. That medley.

The man working on it was to have worked on it all last summer for a fall deadline and a Christmas release. It wasn't going to happen, so I figured I would wait until spring 09 for a release. That got bumped as well. I finally asked what kind of time frame he would have needed as the project was very dependent on his track. He said he could have it finished over the summer... almost a full year from the original goal. I figured, "Sure, why not" and delayed the project to Christmas 09, a full year of a delay.
Months passed and the song showed very little progress. I understand he's a busy person and the company he is with takes up a lot of his time, but I was hoping for a little bit more.
Fast forward to today. I ask him the status and if there's any chance it'll be done any time soon. The answer was that it wasn't done, he doesn't have his guitar anymore, it would be months more until it was ready.

I made the decision to end it.

KK Setlist: An Animal Crossing Remix Project was going to be my ode to Animal Crossing. What started out as just KK Slider cover songs was expanded into a full Animal Crossing tribute spanning the different games and themes. I had high hopes that I'd be able to pull off what I wanted to do with the soundtrack. I was pretty close, but that one track was the killer for me.
What I am releasing is a 34 track collection of many finished tracks and some WIPs of tracks that never made it. 22 tracks are complete and ready to go and feature artists such as Diggi Dis, Mustin, Mazedude, OA, posu yan, Sixto and what may be known as Benedikt "Zeratul" Terhechte's final song as he told me he no longer plans to make music. The final project would've included other songs that don't even have WIP representations because they were artists that didn't start yet. They were the guys who would usually come through last minute and without a solid deadline, there was no reason to rush them to start. 12 WIP tracks are also included. Some are near finished, some are rough demos and some are just sketches.

What you get is 1 hour and 53 minutes of music that people worked very hard on for a project that will never see the light of day.
At the urging of some friends and some of the remixers, I've made all the finished tracks and some select WIPs available.

I thank all the remixers who made music for this project and I apologize that you've all waited so long just to have it end without an official release. Enjoy the music guys.

-Joe Cam

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