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Return All Robots! Original Soundtrack

Catalog Number N/A
Barcode 884501433594
Release Date Nov 23, 2010
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 9.99 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack, Arrangement, Remix
OrganizationsZircon Studios



Disc 1 Original Soundtrack

01 Main Theme of Return All Robots! 4:14
02 Lobby Bossa 1:16
03 Eye of the Intern 1:11
04 Training Montage (Extended) 3:43
05 Looks Like Trouble 2:05
06 You've Got the Power 0:33
07 Roboballad 5:51
08 Biosludge Groover 0:38
09 Jamaican Cyberturtle 3:55
10 Out of the Refrigerator, Into the Icebox 0:46
11 Deep Freeze 4:05
12 Cryomorph 3:39
13 Prelude to Danger 1:14
14 Dr. Von Groove 4:36
15 Megalomania Mentoria 1:21
16 Credits Acapella 1:08
17 Fantastic Robotique 5:05
18 Smash Those Robots 2:23
19 Cryogenic Dubstep 2:37
20 Robotastic Dub-o-Matic Genetic Lab 4:00
21 Willrocky 3:35
22 You Mean, I Can Dodge Robots? 2:16
23 Oily Robot Lovin' 2:15
24 Quicksilver 3:25
25 Training Montage (8bit Remix) 2:28
26 Sting For Your Supper 3:15
27 2200 AD 1:02
Disc length 72:36



Original music composed and arranged by zircon (Andrew Aversa)
Main theme (1) composed and arranged by Andrew Aversa & Mike Worth

Remixes created by:
O. Keitel (Oliver Keitel): 19
Another Soundscape (Mattias Häggström Gerdt): 20
WillRock (William Harby): 21
Nutritious (Justin Medford): 22
Xenon Odyssey (Bobby Keller): 23
Radiowar (Alex H.): 24
George & Jonathan (George Michael Brower & Jonathan Baken): 25
Clouds For Sale (Biddle): 26


Robots. Lasers. 80s. Retro. Phat Beats. Video Games.

If you found yourself nodding in sage approval at any of the preceding words, then you are prepared for this collection of musical works formally known as the RETURN ALL ROBOTS! ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK.

Inspired by classic soundtracks like Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country and Commander Keen, as well as artists like Vince DiCola (Rocky IV, 1986 Transformers), Kraftwerk and italo-disco, the RAR! OST brings together catchy melodies with electro drumbeats and nostalgia-inducing sounds. zircon (Andrew Aversa) and fellow Philly game composer Mike Worth collaborate on the infectious, cheesalicious Main Theme, while a team of EIGHT guest artists join up for a series of remixes.

Highlight tracks include "Cryomorph", a Tangerine Dream-inspired ambient piece that plays during ice levels in the game, "Fantastic Robotique", a bizzarre blend of synthetics, jazz and swing in the style of Fantastic Plastic Machine, and "Training Montage", an extended, over-the-top version of the ingame training center theme that will pump you up guaranteed.

This version of the album contains the aforementioned exclusive, extended "Training Montage" cut, a bonus remix from Philly chiptune artists George & Jonathan, and the dramatic trailer music "2200 AD" that can be heard in the original epic trailer for the game.


RETURN ALL ROBOTS!, developed by Space Whale Studios (, is an indie action-puzzle game for Xbox Indie Games and PC, available now. Much like its soundtrack, the game is inspired by classic 90s games like Chip's Challenge, Lemmings and Bomberman blended with modern twists, a lighthearted story, and kitchsy sprite-based art. Watch trailers, read reviews and check it out at:

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