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Winter Dreamers EP

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Nov 30, 2009
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement, Original Work



Disc 1

01 Introduction - The Festive Dreamscape 2:44
02 Winter NiGHTS (Hey Dreamer) 3:44
03 Winter NiGHTS (Hey Dreamer, Can't Dance Sleeping Mix) 5:20
04 The Bunny Man's Christmas 4:43
05 Winter NiGHTS (Hey Dreamer) Karaoke 3:46
06 Winter NiGHTS (Hey Dreamer, Can't Dance Sleeping Mix) Karaoke 5:21
Disc length 25:38



Welcome to the Winter Dreamers EP!  This project, both music and art, represents the collaborative efforts of DiGi Valentine, TRiPPY, JoF, and Level 99 to bring some NiGHTSy holiday cheer to the fans.  NiGHTS has not often been given a proper holiday treatment since Christmas NiGHTS was released in December of 1996, so by luck and chance, this project was coordinated to give it a shot.  This is a FREE EP, so download and listen to your heart's content.  Have a safe and happy Winter season, holiday celebration, and new year's.  Never stop dreaming.

Art credits: Front cover – TRiPPY
All other art – JoF

The contributors would like to mention the following sites for other cool stuff:

The contributors of this EP would like to thank the fans for their unbelievable support.  This project, and many other projects like this, wouldn't exist without your constant reinforcement and enthusiasm, as it is those things that motivate us to create things like this.  Consider this release one of the ways we can say "thank you" outside of words.  Be sure to listen through to the end of track 4, you'll get some info on some other upcoming releases...


1 - Introduction - The Festive Dreamscape: 
NiGHTS voice performed by Zero-Shift
Valentine voice performed by DiGi Valentine
Daevarous voice performed by Level 99
Introduction written by DiGi Valentine and Level 99

2 - Winter NiGHTS (Hey Dreamer):
On a cold winter night
You warmed my heart as we held tight
The dreams will come in time
Just as the seasons change, our fears will be left behind
Hey dreamer
Hold on just a little more
The sun's not far from the horizon
and this is the day that we have long been waiting for
Hey dreamer
(Remix of Christmas NiGHTS - Winter Sleep
original song composed by Tomoko Sasaki, Naofumi Hataya, Fumie Kumatani
Remix arranged and performed by Level 99)

3 - Winter NiGHTS (Hey Dreamer, Can't Dance Sleeping mix): 
(Remix of Christmas NiGHTS - Winter Sleep
original song composed by Tomoko Sasaki, Naofumi Hataya, Fumie Kumatani
Remix arranged and performed by Level 99)

4 - The Bunny Man's Christmas:
It's that time of year. In the waking it's the same thing
but I wanna know how the celebrate it over here in Nightopia. 
Well, let's see.
Christmas Party courtesy of the bunny.
So who's invited? Everybody
From Gulpo to Gilwing to those things in JoD.
You know, the things that replaced the Egg Clock. (Awakers?)
Yeah them. (But won't they wake us up?)
...good point, forget them. No offence intended.
I don't wanna start this party and have it ended.
They can celebrate together wherever they are.
Though I'm curious to know what would happen if one met the other.
But I digress, DiGi go and get dressed.
It's about time to welcome our guests.
Ah-ha! They're here.
Welcome to the most wonderful time of the year.
Jackle's straight to the vodka and coke.
Drunk in 4 seconds, guarantee, no joke.
Reala's followed, sippin' the whisky.
Bedroom eyes, he's getting a bit frisky
with Bomamba. But she ain't having it.
She tore the mistletoe down and slapped him with it.
Girania is in at the queue for the buffet
Annoyed that Gulpo won't move out of the way.
Oh bloody hell, I don't believe this.
Now they're fighting over who is the better fish.
Like we care, now move sideways.
The Pians are starving, nobody’s fed them in days.
Clawz is drunk, coughing up furballs.
Gilwing's drunk, flying in circles.
Wizeman's doing face palms and might cry
..heh...I know how you feel big guy.
Put some music on, let's get them dancing
Puffy and Donbalon have jumped in.
They've bounced off each other and have jumped out.
And now they're just bouncing all over the damn house.
Helen is boring.
Will's kicking his football, breaking the door and
Chamelan is cheating at a game of cards.
Owl is offering advice though no one asked.
Cerberus is shredding the tree.
Queen Bella is shaking in time with the beat.
At least she's having fun, I guess.
Though did she really need to cover the house with these webs?
NiGHTS is trying to dualize with Claris.
And now Elliot is feeling pissed.
Selph didn't turn up because apparently he don't exist.
Oh well, never mind. Merry Christmas.
(Lyrics and original song by DiGi Valentine.  
Mixing and backing based on original song by Level 99)

This EP is not licensed for sale, and is a free distribution.  All works property of their original owners, unless otherwise indicated.  NiGHTS (character), NiGHTS: Into Dreams, NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, and all other related entities copyright Sega 1996, 2008.  All songs produced by Level 99.  Backing music and production on The Bunny Man's Christmas by Level 99 based off of an original song by and in collaboration with DiGi Valentine. 

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