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The Sims: House Party Mix

Catalog Number 4006507
Release Date Mar 26, 2001
Publish Format Commercial, Retailer Bonus
Release Price 29.99 USD (Package Price)
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
Published by Electronic Arts
Composed by Jerry Martin, Francois Lafleur, Kent Jolly, Dix Bruce, Kirk Casey, Marc Russo, Anna Karney, Robi Kauker
Arranged by


Disc 1

01 Intro On A Mission 3:47
02 Alarma 3:53
03 Without Your Love 3:49
04 Angel 3:18
05 Dominating 3:39
06 Samba De Janeiro 3:45
07 Love And Fate 3:15
08 Yabolesh 3:50
09 Discohopping (Remix) 3:45
10 Cross My Mind 2:48
11 Dreams 3:40
12 Rock The Disco 2:45
13 Delerium 3:18
14 Da Beat Goes... 3:17
15 Wrong Is Right 3:13
16 House Nation 3:17
17 Deeper Love 3:52
18 Bang Bang 4:02
19 La Vache (Remix) 3:49
20 Dreamer 3:26
21 My House 3:08
Disc length 73:36


Was bundled with The Sims: House Party for a limited time when ordering from the Store.

Track 01
Digital download name: - ( Oogie Oogie Ooh)
Game file name: disco1.mp3
Composer: Jerry Martin

Track 02
Digital download name: Funky Sim
Game file name: disco3.mp3
Composer: Marc Russo

Track 03
Digital download name: Al Sims
Game file name: disco4.mp3
Composer: Marc Russo

Track 04
Digital download name: Gloria Sims
Game file name: disco5.mp3
Composer: Kirk Casey

Track 05
Digital download name: Ee I Ooo Oh ( Le Rap)
Game file name: shp_rap1.mp3
Composer: Jerry Martin

Track 06
Digital download name: Wewah
Game file name: shp_rap3.mp3
Composer: Robi Kauker

Track 07
Digital download name: The Group
Game file name: shp_rap5.mp3
Composer: Kent Jolly

Track 08
Digital download name: -
Game file name: shp_rap2.mp3
Composer: Unknown

Track 09
Digital download name: Spring Break
Game file name: shp_rap4.mp4
Composer: Kent Jolly

Track 10
Digital download name: Yippio Ki Oh
Game file name: cntryd2.mp3
Composer: Dix Bruce

Track 11
Digital download name: -
Game file name: cntryd1.mp3
Composer: Unknown

Track 12
Digital download name: -
Game file name: cntryd3.mp3
Composer: Unknown

Track 13
Digital download name: SIMboys ( SPF 50)
Game file name: beach2.mp3
Composer: Jerry Martin

Track 14
Digital download name: - ( Mickey Mickey Annie)
Game file name: beach1.mp3
Composer: Jerry Martin

Track 15
Digital download name: Lakuwani
Game file name: beach3.mp3
Composer: Anna Karney

Track 16
Digital download name: -
Game file name: beach5.mp3
Composer: Unknown

Track 17
Digital download name: Put It Down ( Dance Little Sim Dance)
Game file name: rave1.mp3
Composer: Jerry Martin

Track 18
Digital download name: Simtrance
Game file name: rave5.mp3
Composer: Francois La Fleur

Track 19
Digital download name: Simtricity ( Glow Stick)
Game file name: rave2.mp3
Composer: Jerry Martin

Track 20
Digital download name: Sims House Party
Game file name: rave3.mp3
Composer: Francois La Fleur

Track 21
Digital download name: Simtasy ( Baggie Pants)
Game file name: rave4.mp3
Composer: Jerry Martin

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