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Heroes of Might and Magic IV: The Soundtrack

Catalog Number PSL-5350-001
Release Date 2002
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price Unknown (Japan)
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack


Composer / Paul Romero, Rob King, Steve Baca, Paul James, Sìne NicFhionnlaigh
Arranger / Rob King
Performer / Karin Mushegain, Dean Elzinga, Justin Bahrami, Brock H. Summers, Rob S., Victoria Richardson, Jonathan Willard, Paul Romero, Steve Baca, Rob King, Luke Daniels, Paul James, Simon Mayor, Julie Murphy, Andy Taylor, Brian Willcocks, Raymond Hill Symphony, NEVENKA Choir


Disc 1

01 The Preserve 3:18
02 The Last Battle 3:16
03 Asylum 2:38
04 The Academy of Honor 2:15
05 Necropolis 3:24
06 Castle Stronghold 3:11
07 The Haven 2:37
08 Valhalla 3:10
09 The Prayer 2:17
10 A Wise Tail 2:20
11 Wandering 2:32
12 Hope 2:25
13 Floating Across Water 2:18
14 Searching For a Dream 2:34
15 Desolation 2:35
16 The Mountain Song 2:02
17 Subterranean 2:28
18 Battle I 4:55
19 Battle II 4:01
20 Battle III 3:28
21 Battle VI 3:34
22 Battle V 4:16
23 Battle VI 4:12
24 Credit Theme 2:06
25 The Gathering Storm 1:14
Disc length 73:06



Credits from the game's staff roll
Music by Paul Romero, Robert King, Steve Baca and Paul James
Produced by Robert King
Additional Production by Paul Romero (Adventure Themes)
Town Themes Composed & Conducted by Paul Romero
Adventure Themes Composed by Paul James
Adventure Themes Arranged by Robert King
Recording/Mixing Engineer & ProTools Editor: Robert King (Green Street)
Recording Engineer: Greg D'Angelo (Jake's Place)
Recorded at Green Street Studios, Pasadena, CA / Jake's Place, Studio City, CA

Additional Musicians (according to MobyGames):
Karin Mushegain (Soprano)
Dean Elzinga (Bass Baritone)
Justin Bahrami (Flute)
Brock H. Summers (Alto Sax)
Rob S. (Bassoon)
Victoria Richardson (Cello)
Jonathan Willard (Clarinet)
Paul Romero (Keyboards and Programming)
Steve Baca (Keyboards and Programming)
Robert King (Keyboards and Programming)
Raymond Hill Symphony

Ronda Berkeley
Michelle Green-Levasseur
Lea Hume
Trudy Israel
Jennifer Jurick
Janice McGlaze

Celtic Minstrels:
Luke Daniels (Button Accordion)
Paul James (Bagpipes & Whistles & Bodhran & Alto Sax & Guitar & additional programming)
Simon Mayor (Mandolin & Mandocello & Guitar)
Julie Murphy (Vocals)
Andy Taylor (Fiddle)
Brian Willcocks (Piano Accordion)
Mark Hawkins (Additional Programming)

M11 originally written by Sìne NicFhionnlaigh

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