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Return All Robots! Original Soundtrack

Catalog Number OCRO-0003
Release Date Dec 23, 2010
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format 2 Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack, Arrangement
PublisherOverClocked ReMix / /


Composer / zircon, Mike Worth
Arranger / zircon, Mike Worth, Flexstyle, Radiowar, Sbeast, WillRock, Nutritious, Mattias Häggström Gerdt, O. Keitel, [VIAN], Joshua Morse, prophetik, HeaT Flare, Xenon Odyssey
Performer / Joshua Morse


Disc 1

01 Main Theme of Return All Robots! 4:14
02 Lobby Bossa 1:16
03 Eye of the Intern 1:10
04 Training Montage 4:24
05 Looks Like Trouble 2:04
06 You've Got the Power 0:33
07 Roboballad 5:51
08 Biosludge Groover 0:37
09 Jamaican Cyberturtle 3:55
10 Out of the Refrigerator, Into the Icebox 0:46
11 Deep Freeze 4:04
12 Cryomorph 3:39
13 Prelude to Danger 1:14
14 Dr. Von Groove 4:35
15 Megalomania Mentoria 1:21
16 Credits Acapella 1:07
17 Fantastic Robotique 5:04
18 Smash Those Robots 2:23
Disc length 48:17
Disc 2

01 Biologica Robotica 4:12
02 Quicksilver 3:25
03 Robo-182 3:28
04 WillRocky 3:35
05 You Mean, I Can Dodge Robots? 2:16
06 Robotastic Dub-o-Matic Genetic Lab 4:00
07 Cryogenic Dubstep 2:37
08 Trial by Fire 4:00
09 Electrobattle 3:31
10 Training Grounds 5:12
11 Cryography 3:39
12 Do That Thing 3:31
13 Kold Kraft 4:04
14 Oily Robot Lovin' 2:15
Disc length 49:45

  Total tracks 32   Total length 1:38:02


Return All Robots! developed by Space Whale Studios ( for Xbox LIVE Indie Games (Xbox 360) & Windows
Artwork by Diane Pizzuto of PZZT! Design (
Track 1-01 composed and produced by Andrew Aversa (a.k.a. zircon) and Mike Worth
Tracks 1-02 through 1-18 composed and produced by Andrew Aversa (a.k.a. zircon)

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Return All Robots! is the debut game from Philadelphia-based developer, Space Whale Studios, released on Xbox LIVE Indie Games and Windows in December 2010. Inspired by classics like Lemmings and Bomberman with modern twists and addictive depth, this action-puzzler will fill you with nostalgia you never knew you had.

Our lead audio composer Andrew Aversa (zircon) brewed up over 45 minutes of sweet jams for the Return All Robots! soundtrack, which includes infectious electro-pop, 80s cheese, drum machines, plastic sounds, retro melodies and dance beats. On top of that, we orchestrated a contest on OverClocked ReMix where we received a ton of groovy arrangements and remixes of the OST from the talented musicians over there. Needless to say, we want you to check this out.

Arrangement Credits:

2-01 Biologica Robotica - arranged by Flexstyle, arrangement of "Jamaican Cyberturtle"
2-02 Quicksilver - arranged by Radiowar, arrangement of "Deep Freeze"
2-03 Robo-182 - arranged by Sbeast, arrangement of "Roboballad"
2-04 WillRocky - arranged by WillRock, arrangement of "Training Montage"
2-05 You Mean, I Can Dodge Robots? - arranged by Nutritious, arrangement of "Deep Freeze"
2-06 Robotastic Dub-o-Matic Genetic Lab - arranged by Mattias Häggström Gerdt, arrangement of "Main Theme of Return All Robots!" & "Jamaican Cyberturtle"
2-07 Cryogenic Dubstep - arranged by O. Keitel, arrangement of "Deep Freeze"
2-08 Trial by Fire - arranged by Nutritious, arrangement of "Training Montage"
2-09 Electrobattle - arranged by [VIAN], arrangement of "Smash Those Robots"
2-10 Training Grounds - arranged by Joshua Morse, arrangement of "Training Montage"
2-11 Cryography - arranged by prophetik, arrangement of "Deep Freeze"
2-12 Do That Thing - arranged by HeaT Flare, arrangement of "Training Montage"
2-13 Kold Kraft - arranged by [VIAN], arrangement of "Deep Freeze"
2-14 Oily Robot Lovin' - arranged by Xenon Odyssey, arrangement of "Main Theme of Return All Robots!"

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