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Quest For Glory V: Dragon Fire ~ Original Music Soundtrack

Catalog Number W7032624
Release Date 1997
Publish Format Commercial, Enclosure
Release Price 14.99 USD (Package Price)
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
OrganizationsSonic Images


Composer / Chance Thomas, Mark Seibert
Arranger / Chance Thomas
Performer / Jenny Jordan, Chance Thomas, Rich Dixon, Terry Robinson, Salt Lake City Session Orchestra, Tony Di Lorenzo, Daron Bradford, Lisa Rytting, Dan Peters, Mark Aro, Lenny Braus
Conductor / Chance Thomas


Disc 1

01 Quest For Glory V Overture 4:24
02 The Dance of Mystery and Intrigue 2:22
03 The Rite of Freedom 2:48
04 Silmarian Meanderings - Day and Night 4:40
05 The Rite of Conquest 2:25
06 The Rite of Destiny 1:01
07 The Rite of Valor 2:48
08 Undersea Exploring 1:55
09 A Day In The Arena 2:25
10 The Rite of Peace 3:41
11 Frolic at Gnome Ann's Land Inn 2:28
12 The Rite of Courage 1:52
13 The Rite of Justice 3:14
14 Dragon Fire 3:49
15 The Great Hall of Kings 1:10
16 Ambient Tour 3:25
17 Greazy 2:21
18 No Sweat 1:24
Disc length 48:12



-Available In Certain Quest For Glory Collection Game Packaging.

-Also available in limited quantity through composer's official website.

Tracks 17-18 are Bonus Tracks.

Music composed, orchestrated, and produced by Chance Thomas.

Music supervision by Jay Usher.

Vocals for "The Dance of Mystery and Intrigue" and "The Rite of Destiny" performed by Jenny Jordan.
Vocal chant for "The Rite of Peace" performed by Chance Thomas.

Nylon string acoustic guitar for "Silmarian Meanderings" performed by Rich Dixon.
Acoustic guitar in "Ambient Tour {Dead Parrot Inn}" performed by Terry Robinson.
Orchestral performances by the Salt Lake City Session Orchestra (comprising 32 members of the Utah Symphony), conducted by Chance Thomas.
Concert master and consultation by Lenny Braus.
Brass section lead and consultation by Tony Di Lorenzo.
Orchestra contracted by Gwen Thorton.
Oboe D'Amour, oboe, English horn, recorder, bass clarinet, flutes, and piccolo performed by Daron Bradford.
Harp performed by Lisa Rytting.
Keyboards, percussion, and sequencing performed by Chance Thomas.
Sound effects for "The Rite of Courage" by Craig Denny.
Background voices in "Frolic at Gnome Ann's..." by Dan Peters and Mark Aro.
Traditional Quest for Glory theme (used in "Quest for Glory V Overture", "Frolic at Gnome Ann's Land Inn", and "The Great Hall of Kings") by Mark Seibert.
Recordings engineered by Steve Lerud, Chance Thomas, and Michael Green.
Recorded at Lakeview Audio, Sierra Yosemite Sound, and L.A. East.
Mixed by Chance Thomas at Sierra Yosemite Sound

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