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Cowboy Bebop remixes - music for Freelance


Composer / Yoko Kanno /
Arranger / Yoko Kanno / , Luke Vibert, Fila Brazillia, DMX Krew, Ian O'Brien, Mr. Scruff, DJ Vadim, Ian Pooley, 4 Hero
Performer / Seatbelts, Peter Duimstra, Gabriela Robin, Carla Vallet
Lyricist / Shinichiro Watanabe / , Dai Sato / , Agness S. Kaku, Gabriela Robin, Carla Vallet


Disc 1

01 radio free mars talk 1 1:14
02 Tank! - Luke Vibert Remix 3:37
03 radio free mars talk 2 0:39
04 Forever Broke - Fila Brazillia Remix 5:23
05 radio free mars talk 3 0:35
06 Cats on Mars - DMX Krew Remix 3:50
07 radio free mars talk 4 0:49
08 Piano Black - Ian O'Brien Remix 6:51
09 Cat Blues - Mr. Scruff Remix 4:50
10 radio free mars talk 5 0:45
11 Fe - DJ Vadim Remix 3:50
12 Fantaisie Sign - Ian Pooley Remix 5:19
13 radio free mars talk 6 0:27
14 Space Lion - 4 Hero Remix 6:19
15 radio free mars talk 7 0:23
Disc length 44:51



remix and additional production by Luke Vibert

remix and additional production by Fila Brazillia

remix and additional production by DMX Krew
performed by Gabriela Robin
lyrics by Gabriela Robin

remix and additional production by Ian O'Brien

remix and additional production by Mr. Scruff

remix and additional production by DJ Vadim

remix and additional production by Ian Pooley
performed by Carla Vallet
lyrics by Carla Vallet

remix and additional production by 4 Hero

All tracks originally written and arranged by Yoko Kanno
performed by Seatbelts for the original soundtrack of the TV animation series Cowboy Bebop

Produced by Shinichiro Watanabe & 'Frognation'
Co-produced by Shiro Sasaki (Victor)
Assisted by Yukako Inoue (Victor)
Remix co-ordination by Frognation UK
Designed at Prototype 21
Cover Illustration by Kimitoshi Yamane and Isamu Imakake
Radio script written by Shinichiro Watanabe and Dai Sato
Translation by Agness S. Kaku
Narration by Peter Duimstra

Radio jingle MC by Yota from Oxygen Funk
Narration digital editing and additional production by Tobynation, Taiyo (Metro Juice Records) and Shinichiro Watanabe

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