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Girigiri chop / B'z

ギリギリchop / B'z
Catalog Number BMDR-2018
Barcode 4938068001058
Release Date Jun 09, 1999
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 1020 JPY
Media Format Mini CD
Classification Vocal
ManufacturerROOMS RECORDS, INC. / /
DistributorJ-DISC / /
Phonographic CopyrightROOMS RECORDS, INC. / /


Disc 1

01 Girigiri chop 4:01
02 ONE 4:09
Disc length 8:10



"Girigiri chop" is the 6th opening theme (eps. 143-167) of the TV animation "Detective Conan".

"ONE" is the ending theme of the 3rd "Detective Conan" movie "The Last Wizard of the Century".  (in Japanese "Seikimatsu no Majutsushi")

First press edition bonus: includes a card (5 different colours) with a drawing made by the mangaka Gōshō Aoyama portraying the characters Conan Edogawa and Ran Mouri of the series "Meitantei Conan".

Lyrics: Koshi Inaba
Composition: Takahiro Matsumoto
Arrangement: Takahiro Matsumoto, Koshi Inaba
Produced by Tak Matsumoto

B'z consists of
Tak Matsumoto (Guitar), Koshi Inaba (Vocal)

Recorded & Mixed by Kasayuki Nomura (Birdman)
Assistant Director: Hideyuki Terachi (BMF)
Assistant Engineer: Shoichiro Inagaki (Birdman)
Recorded & Mixed at Birdman West, Gardenia Studio

Musicians are
Drums: Kaichi Kurose (#1, 2)
Bass: Koichi Terasawa (#1), Showtaro Mitsuzono (#2)
Acoustic Piano: Takanobu Masuda (#2)
Strings: Shinozaki Strings (#2)

Strings Arranged by Daisuke Ikeda (#2)

Guitar Technician: Katsunori "Hakkari" Hatakeyama

Artist Management: Norihiko Tsuruta, Jiro Kikuchi, Rik Rikimaru / (B·U·M)

Executive Produced by BMF

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