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The Pink Panther's Passport to Peril Original Soundtrack

Catalog Number 21 091
Release Date 1997
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price Unknown
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
Published by Wanderlust Interactive
Composed by Jared Faber, Henry Mancini
Arranged by
Performed by John Montagna, Michael Sinteriklaas, Jared Faber, Jason Paige, Lisa Gentile, C.E. Smith, Shawana Kemp, Neil Stewart, Spirit of Praise Choir, Tayla, Brian "Pikasso" Gaidry, Lisa DeSimone, Emily Kapnek, Michelle Medlin, Evan Faber, Ona Tzar, Rosanne Drucker, Toby Ralph, Steve Wolf, Melvin Butler, Skuly Suerrisson, Russ Irwin, Roy Shakked
Lyrics by Emily Kapnek


Disc 1

01 The Pink Panther Theme 0:52
02 In Bhutan 2:49
03 Taj Mahal 3:23
04 Mummification 3:36
05 Falkes Day 1:26
06 Dream Time 5:21
07 The Caste System 3:47
08 China's Billion 1:51
09 Chilly Wa Wa Finale (Trapped In A Bubble) 1:33
10 Same Black Sky 5:11
Disc length 29:49


All Songs Composed and Produced by Jared Faber, except:
    Composed by Henri Mancini and Produced by Jared Faber: 1
    Composed by Jared Faber and Produced by Lukasz: 9
Lyrics by Emily Kapnek.
Mixed by Johnathan Appell at City Sound, NYC

Drums: Toby Ralph
    (except on "China's Billion" - Steve Wolf)
Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Keyboards and Synthesizer Programming: Jared Faber
Tenor Sax: Melvin Butler
Bass Guitar: John Montagna
    (except on "China's Billion" - Skuly Suerrisson)
Piano on "China's Billion" - Russ Irwin
Keyboards on "Same Black Sky" - Roy Shakked

02 Lead Vocal: John Montagna / Background Vocals: Michael Sinteriklaas & Jared Faber
03 Lead Vocal: Jason Paige / Background Vocal: Lisa Gentile
04 Lead Vocal: C.E. Smith / Background Vocal: Shawana Kemp
05 Lead Vocal: Neil Stewart
06 Lead Vocal: John Montagna / Spirit of Praise Choir directed by David Bratton
07 Lead Vocal: C.E. Smith / Background Vocal: Tayla / Rap Vocal: Brian "Pikasso" Gaidry
08 Lead Vocal: Lisa DeSimone with Voiceover by Emily Kapnek
09 Vocals by Michelle Medlin, Michael Sinteriklaas, Evan Faber, Ona Tzar and Emily Kapnek
10 Lead Vocal: Rosanne Drucker

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