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Dreamcast Collection Limited Edition Vinyl

Catalog Number DCCVINYL001
Release Date Feb 24, 2011
Publish Format Commercial, Preorder/Early Purchase Bonus
Release Price Not for Sale (Australia)
Media Format Vinyl (12" 33⅓ rpm)
Classification Original Soundtrack
PublisherSEGA / /


Composer / Jun Senoue / , Kenichi Tokoi / , Tomoya Ohtani / , The Days The Nights, The Juliet Dagger, The Hooks
Arranger / Jun Senoue /
Performer / Johnny Gioeli, The Days The Nights, The Juliet Dagger, The Hooks
Lyricist / Jun Senoue / , Takahiro Fukada / , Erin Roberts, Keith Mulligan, Ronan Mulligan


Disc 1

01 Open Your Heart 5:08
02 Option Remix 2002 1:20
Side length 6:28
03 Radical Sabbatical 2:21
04 Flinch 3:10
05 Get Out 2:28
Side length 7:59



This 12" Vinyl was at first only available on Australia, via pre-orders of the Sega "Dreamcast Collection" compilation for Xbox 360, and only available with the JB Hi-Fi retailer.

The Vinyl is a very limited pressing and is individually numbered.

Sega Europe will offer some of these vinyls through a contest.
Sega America will give away some of these vinyls freely.

"Open Your Heart" (Sonic Adventure)
Composition: Jun Senoue & Kenichi Tokoi
Arrangement: Jun Senoue
Lyrics: Jun Senoue & Takahiro Fukada
Vocals: Johnny Gioeli

"Option Remix 2002" (Space Channel 5 Part 2)
Composition: Tomoya Ohtani

"Radical Sabbatical" (Crazy Taxi)
Music by: The Days The Nights
Performed by: The Days The Nights [Michael Draper, Anthony Cornella, James Macmillan, Eli ?]

"Flinch" (Crazy Taxi)
Composition by: Erin Roberts
Lyrics by: Erin Roberts
Performed by: The Juliet Dagger [Erin Roberts & more]

"Get Out" (Crazy Taxi)
Music by: The Hooks
Performed by: The Hooks [Keith Mulligan, Ronan Mulligan, Colin Delaney, Chet Hamby]

Album Stats

Contained in 6 collections
Contained in 9 wish lists
Platforms represented
Microsoft Xbox 360, Sega Dreamcast

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