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Pokémon: The Missingno Tracks

Catalog Number OCRA-0023
Release Date Mar 01, 2011
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free (U.S.)
Media Format 2 CD
Classification Arrangement, Vocal
PublisherOverClocked ReMix / /


Disc 1

01 Game On (~Opening~ Demo) 0:19
02 The Mighty Mighty Pokémon (~Opening~ Demo 2) 2:48
03 Shades of Red (Theme of Pallet Town) 3:11
04 My Greatest Rival (Battle! Rival) 5:28
05 Rain Prayer (Road to Viridian City - From Pallet ~ Guidepost ~ Road to Cerulean - From Mt. Moon) 2:42
06 Viridian Vibe (Theme of Pewter City) 3:29
07 Out of Antidote (Viridian Forest) 3:41
08 Hope to See You Again Soon… (Pokémon Center) 2:21
09 Battle for the Badge [Battle (VS Gym Leader)] 4:10
10 On the Origin of Species (Evolution) 1:35
11 Drowning Blue (S.S. Anne) 3:13
12 Spume (Sea) 4:43
13 TEEM.ROKIT (Team Rocket Hideout) 4:31
14 Clash of the Titans [Battle (VS Trainer)] 5:55
15 Blue Haze (Road to Viridian City - From Pallet) 5:21
Disc length 53:27
Disc 2

01 Champion's Horizon (Route #26) 4:47
02 Precious Metals (Goldenrod City) 2:25
03 Slowpoke Shuffle (Azalea Town) 3:49
04 Casino Lounge (Goldenrod Game Corner) 4:43
05 Divine Olivine (Violet City) 4:15
06 Jiggly Choir (Jigglypuff's Song) 0:42
07 Home Is Where the Luvdisc Is… [Hearthome City (Day)] 1:45
08 My Friend Mudkip (Dewford Town ~ Surfing) 3:13
09 Argent Vexemon (Ice Path) 3:33
10 May I Have This Swords Dance? [Canalave City (Day)] 2:51
11 Super Effective [Battle! Trainer (Johto)] 5:15
12 Bullet for My Piloswine [Route #225 (Day) ~ Ending] 4:00
13 Journey's End (Ending) 3:09
Disc length 44:27

  Total tracks 28   Total length 1:37:54


More than a decade ago, a small company called GAME FREAK released a role-playing game called Pokémon for the Nintendo Game Boy. In the years since, Pokémon has gone on to sell over 200 million copies and continues to be one of the most successful video game series of all time. Fans around the world have spent countless hours training and battling their favorite monsters, and now we are on the threshold of a new adventure with Pokémon Black and White.

The Missingno Tracks contains 28 remixes of music featured throughout the handheld series. Fans of the games will hear familiar tunes remade into pulse-pounding techno, piano concertos, rock ballads and chiptunes, and much more. Each track was created to delight the ears of Pokémon fans and music-enthusiasts alike. We, the contributing musicians and OC ReMix, present to you this musical journey through the world of Pokémon.

Gerry "The Damned" Wheatley
Project Director
[email protected]



1.01 Game On
ReMixed by: Fishy
Original: "~Opening~ Demo" (Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow)

1.02 The Mighty Mighty Pokémon
ReMixed by: Level 99
Original: "~Opening~ Demo 2" (Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow)

1.03 Shades of Red
ReMixed by: halc
Original: "Theme of Pallet Town" (Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow)

1.04 My Greatest Rival
ReMixed by: Jaroban
Performance: Jaroban - Producer, arranger, lyrics, bass, vocals, additional guitars, sequencing
Matt Beckemeyer - Lead vocals, rhythm guitars
Fishy - Lead guitars, rhythm guitars
Sam Cooper - Vocals
Vralia - Vocals
Jocelyn Holst - Vocals
DJ Krisp-E - Vocals
Chris Stibrany - Additional programming, mastering
Original: "Battle! Rival" (Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal)

1.05 あまごい (Rain Prayer)
ReMixed by: ProtoDome
Original: "Road to Viridian City - From Pallet" (Route #1), "Guidepost" & "Road to Cerulean - From Mt. Moon" (Route #3) [Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow]

1.06 Viridian Vibe
ReMixed by: prophetik
Original: "Theme of Pewter City" (Viridian City) [Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow]

1.07 Out of Antidote
ReMixed by: Cerrax
Original: "Viridian Forest" (Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow)

1.08 Hope to See You Again Soon
ReMixed by: ProtoDome, Level 99
Original: "Pokémon Center" (all Pokémon games)

1.09 Battle for the Badge
ReMixed by: Fishy
Original: "Battle (VS Gym Leader)" (all Pokémon games)

1.10 On the Origin of Species
ReMixed by: ProtoDome
Original: "Evolution" (all Pokémon games)

1.11 Drowning Blue
ReMixed by: Benjamin Briggs
Original: "S.S. Anne" (Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow)

1.12 Spume
ReMixed by: Rozovian
Original: Sea (Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow)

ReMixed by: Tweek
Original: "Team Rocket Hideout" (Team Rocket Headquarters) [Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow]

1.14 Clash of the Titans
ReMixed by: pu_freak
Original: "Battle (VS Trainer)" [Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow], "Battle! Champion" [Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal]

1.15 Blue Haze
ReMixed by: Rozovian, WillRock
Original: "Road to Viridian City - From Pallet" (Route #1) [Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow]

2.01 Champion's Horizon
ReMixed by: WillRock
Original: "Route #26" (Route #27) [Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal]

2.02 Precious Metals
ReMixed by: Insert Rupee (Benjamin Briggs, halc)
Original: "Goldenrod City" (Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal)

2.03 Slowpoke Shuffle
ReMixed by: WillRock
Original: "Azalea Town" (Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal)

2.04 Casino Lounge
ReMixed by: Mattias Häggström Gerdt, GSlicer
Original: "Goldenrod Game Corner" (Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal)

2.05 Divine Olivine
ReMixed by: Chrono, DragonAvenger
Performance: DragonAvennger (vocals)
Original: "Violet City" (Olivine Town) [Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal]

2.06 Jiggly Choir
ReMixed by: DragonAvenger, Prophetik
Performance: DragonAvenger (vocals)
Original: "Jigglypuff's Song" (Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow)

2.07 Home Is Where the Luvdisc Is...
ReMixed by: ProtoDome
Performance: ProtoDome (saxophone)
Original: "Hearthome City (Day)" [Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum]

2.08 My Friend Mudkip
ReMixed by: halc
Original: "Dewford Town" & "Surfing" (Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald)

2.09 Argent Vexemon
ReMixed by: The Orichalcon
Original: "Ice Path" (Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal)

2.10 May I Have This Swords Dance?
ReMixed by: ProtoDome
Performance: ProtoDome (saxaphone)
Original: Canalave City (Day) [Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum]

2.11 Super Effective
ReMixed by: Fishy, Andy Jayne
Performance: Fishy (guitar)
Original: "Battle! Trainer (Johto)" (Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow)

2.12 Bullet for My Piloswine
ReMixed by: halc, ProtoDome, WillRock
Original: "Route #225 (Day)" [Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum], "Ending" [Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal]

2.13 Journey's End
ReMixed by: pu_freak
Original: "Ending" (Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal)

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