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Mortal Kombat II • Music from the Arcade Game Soundtrack

Catalog Number 123770-C1
Release Date Dec 01, 1993
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 12.45 USD
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Prototype/Unused


Composer / Dan Forden
Performer / Dan Forden
Recording Engineer / Dan Forden
Mixing Engineer / Dan Forden


Disc 1 Original Soundtrack

01 Prologue: The Battlefield 2:29
02 The Dead Pool 1:45
03 The Screaming Forest 2:01
04 The Armory 1:50
05 The Portal 1:39
06 Air Kombat 1:33
07 WDYLMA 1:47
08 Epilogue: Shao Kahn's Last Stand 2:37
09 MK II Death Jam 5:07
10 MK II Audio Tour 7:26
11 In the Beginning… 0:41
12 The Courtyard 1:31
13 The Temple Gate 1:03
14 The Cavern 1:01
15 The Bridge 1:04
16 Goro and the Emperor 4:32
17 Victory 1:16
18 SCRLAHTS 0:09
Disc length 39:31



This album could only be purchased by ordering it through a limited offer posted on the arcade version of the game's demo screen.

all music composed, performed, recorded and mixed by Dan Forden

Music from Mortal Kombat ® II: Tracks 1-10
Music from Mortal Kombat ®: Tracks 11-18

"About the music from Mortal Kombat ® II..."
The music for Mortal Kombat ® II was produced using a combination of MIDI synthesizers and live instruments.
The Mortal Kombat ® II music on this CD is the actual music found in the arcade game. The original MIDI sequences and multi-track recordings were remixed and edited only to the extent needed to take advantage of the CD format.
Track 9 and 10 were written and arranged just for this CD and do not appear in the game or on any other CD.

Additional tracks infos:
(01) A medley of the Title/Kontinue BGM, Opening Montage BGM, and the Wasteland/Pit II BGM
(03) The Living Forest BGM
(05) The Portal and Kahn's Arena BGM
(06) The Tower BGM
(07) The Kombat Tomb BGM
(08) A medley of MKII's Goro's Lair BGM, Victory Fanfare and the Opening Story/Ending Credits BGM
(12) The game over BGM can be heard in the first 33 seconds of this song
(16) A medley of the Kontinue BGM, Goro Lives/Final Endurance Match/Goro Battle BGM, the Battle Plan BGM, and the Throne Room/Shang Tsung and Reptile Battle BGM
(18) Used during the Reptile battle when a round is won

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