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My Lost City / Joe Hisaishi

My Lost City / 久石 譲
Catalog Number TOCT-6414
Barcode 4988006091900
Release Date Feb 12, 1992
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 3000 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Original Work
LabelPlanet earth / /
ManufacturerToshiba EMI Ltd. / /


Composer / Joe Hisaishi /
Arranger / Joe Hisaishi /
Performer / Joe Hisaishi / , Gavyn Wright London Strings, Andy Findon, Mari Fujiwara / , Masatsugu Shinozaki / , Gavyn Wright, Wilf Gibson, George Robertson, Anthony Pleeth, Chris Laurence, Richard Galliano, Phil Todd, Frank Ricotti
Recording Engineer / Mike Jarratt, Yasuo Morimoto / , Tohru Okitsu
Recording Studio / Abbey Road Studios
Mixing Engineer / Mike Jarratt
Conductor / Nick Ingman


Disc 1

01 PROLOGUE 1:23
02 Drifting Person ~ DRIFTING IN THE CITY 8:08
03 1920 ~ AGE OF ILLUSION 5:44
04 SOLITUDE ~ IN HER... 6:06
05 TWO OF US 4:20
06 JEALOUSY 5:28
07 CAPE HOTEL 3:39
08 Madness 4:17
09 Winter Dreams 6:05
10 TANGO X.T.C. 4:17
11 MY LOST CITY 3:03
Disc length 52:30



Joe Hisaishi
My Lost City
Hommage A Mr.Scott Fitzgerald

Recorded at Abbey Road Studio, London
Studio Guillame Tell, Paris
Wonder Station, Tokyo
Onkio Haus, Tokyo
Sedic Studio, Tokyo
Marine Studio, Kannon-zaki
Produced by Joe Hisaishi
Co-Produced by Naoki Tachikawa
Arranged by Joe Hisaishi
Recording Engineer: Mike Jarratt(Abbey Road Studios)
Yasuo Morimoto(Onkio Haus)
Tohru Okitsu(Wonder Station)
Mixing Engineer: Mike Jarratt(Abbey Road Studio)
Artist Management: Daisuke Satoh(Wonder City)
Directed by Shin Miyoshi(Toshiba EMI)
                 Akira Watanabe (Fuji Pacific Publishing)
AD, Design & Photography: Masaru Kawahara

Musicians are:
Gavyn Wright London Strings
"Drifting in the City"
Joe Hisaishi/Piano
Gavyn Wright London Strings
"1920~Age of Illusion"
Joe Hisaishi/Piano & Synth.
Gavyn Wright London Strings
Andy Findon/Flute
"Solitude~in her..."
Joe Hisaishi/Piano
Gavyn Wright London Strings
"Two of Us"
Joe Hisaishi/Piano
Mari Fujiwara/Cello
(By the courtesy of
Denon-Nihon Columbia)
Masatsugu Shinozaki/Violin
Gavyn Wright London Strings
Joe Hisaishi/Piano & Synth.
Gavyn Wright/Violin
Wilf Gibson/Violin
George Robertson/Viola
Anthony Pleeth/Cello
Chris Laurence/Dble Bass
Richard Galliano/Bandonéon
Phil Todd/Sax
Frank Ricotti/Vib.
"Cape Hotel"
Joe Hisaishi/Piano
Joe Hisaishi/Piano & SYnth.
Andy Findon/Flute
Gavyn Wright London Strings
"Winter Dreams"
Joe Hisaishi/Piano
Mari Fujiwara/Cello
(By the courtesy of Denon-Nihon Columbia)
"Tango X.T.C."
Joe Hisaishi/Piano & Synth
Richard Galliano/Bandonéon
Phil Todd/Sax
Chris Laurence?Dble Bass
"My Lost City"
Joe Hisaishi/Piano
Gavyn Wright/Violin
Gavyn Wright London Strings

*Gavyn Wright London Strings are:
14 Violins(1st Violin/Gavyn Wright)
4 Violas(1st Viola/George Robertson)
2 Celli(1st Cello/Tonny Pleeth)
2 Bass(1st Bass/Mike Brittain)
Strings Conductor/Nick Ingman)

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