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Mega Man: The Robot Museum

Catalog Number OCRA-0024
Release Date Mar 25, 2011
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement
PublisherOverClocked ReMix / /


Disc 1

01 Thunder Beam (Mega Man - Elec Man Stage) 4:10
02 Air Shooter (Mega Man 2 - Air Man Stage) 4:20
03 Spark Shock (Mega Man 3 - Spark Man Stage) 4:50
04 Dust Crusher (Mega Man 4 - Dust Man Stage) 4:23
05 Power Stone (Mega Man 5 - Stone Man Stage) 4:14
06 Yamato Spear (Mega Man 6 - Yamato Man Stage) 4:37
07 Slash Claw (Mega Man 7 - Slash Man Stage) 4:10
08 Astro Crush (Mega Man 8 - Astro Man Stage) 4:12
09 Data Base Accessed (Mega Man & Bass - Data Base) 3:30
Disc length 38:26



About the Project:

The Robot Museum is an idea I've had up my sleeve for a while now. Ever since playing Mega Man 7 years back and reaching the mid-game robot museum stage, I thought the concept of a robot museum was a great one. It wasn't until I played Mega Man & Bass that the thought of an arrangement album in the style of a robot museum had occured to me.

The following is the idea that has come into fruition. I've arranged a robot master's theme from the original Mega Man all the way through Mega Man 8 with the addition of a bonus track from Mega Man & Bass.

Thanks for checking out the project and I really hope you enjoy it!

~ Joshua Morse


About the Artist:

Joshua Morse has two forces driving him--one being his passion for composing and producing music, and the other, his commitment to web development.

Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, Josh has never been one to conform to the sounds you're accustomed to hearing. Instead, he leaves his mark by means of a fusion of many genres, generally incorporating a hint of jazz and funk.

Joshua is also an advocate of healthy living. He follows a vegan diet and enjoys working out. And please, no Plant Man jokes...

Catch Me Online:

Joshua frequently contributes to the open-source community. You can follow some of his contributions through his github account:


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