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Attention Deficit EP

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Mar 29, 2011
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Name Your Price
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Work
Published by Benjamin Briggs (distributed by Bandcamp / / )
Composed by David Scatliffe, Benjamin Briggs
Arranged by Benjamin Briggs
Performed by Benjamin Briggs, Cornelius Rawness
Lyrics by Benjamin Briggs, Cornelius Rawness


Disc 1

01 Too Soon 4:06
02 Benji Needs a Lawyer 3:47
03 Troll 4 Life 3:51
04 I Can Has This Dance? 3:55
05 Love the Game 3:51
06 I'm Nobody (feat. Cornelius Rawness) 2:54
Disc length 22:24


All tracks written and produced by Benjamin Briggs a.k.a. chthonic, except Track 1 "Too Soon", a remix of an original song composed by David Scatliffe a.k.a. Scattle.

All lyrics written and performed by Benjamin Briggs a.k.a. chthonic, except the rap/spoken word verse during Track 6 "I'm Nobody", written and performed by Michael Penn a.k.a. Cornelius Rawness.

Original album artwork by Blake Troise a.k.a. ProtoDome.

- Track notes -

01. Too Soon
An aggressive house(ish) remix of a song composed by David Scatliffe. Heavily inspired by PrototypeRaptor and deadmau5, with a "trademark" injection of chiptune instruments for increased nostalgia!

02. Benji Needs a Lawyer
Aiming for a more melodic approach to house/dance music, there is plenty going on in this one to keep the "average listener" interested and grooving! Chiptunes present and accounted for, as always...

03. Troll 4 Life
An original aggressive electro house(ish) track... heavily influenced by deadmau5 and PrototypeRaptor, this one attempts to keep things a little fresher for the listener who might not be accustomed to extremely repetitive dance music. As always, chiptunes make their requisite appearance!

04. I Can Has This Dance?
An original chipmusic/chill house(ish) track... once again utilizing chiptunes as a weapon, this slightly slower but still thumping song attempts to bring out a more contemplative side of the ever-present UNTS.

05. Love the Game
An original electronic/pop/dance(ish) track... conceptually, this is where the album begins to take a turn for the LO-FI, introducing more sketchy textures and distortion effects. Melodically a non-sequitir to the other tracks, the idea is that this is where the album begins to "get distracted" as it were... as a side-effect of my very own ADHD. There is a big surprise near the end, and NEVAR FORGET the chiptunes!!

06. I'm Nobody (feat. Cornelius Rawness)
An original chipmusic/indie pop track with a surprise guest vocalist... this one is... something COMPLETELY different; the full-on "ADD" track of the album. An ode to the hearts I've stepped on; a tribute to moving forward and realizing I'm not really all that great in the end.

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