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The Skull Man Original Soundtrack 2

スカルマン THE SKULL MAN オリジナルサウンドトラック 2 


Disc 1

01 L'Invitation à Noir (Short Version) 0:35
02 Touch The Fuse! 3:02
03 Start To Check Up 3:53
04 Le Plus Bel Endroit du Monde 2:56
05 Le Grand Frisson 2:17
06 Skull Chase (Piano Version) 2:48
07 Par Ténèbres II 3:01
08 Underground 5:29
09 La Lutte Contre La Douleur 3:09
10 Pour Mieux Vivre 5:12
11 Skull Action (Piano Version) 2:20
12 Les Chemins du Destin 1:39
13 Dernière Rhapsodie 3:30
14 Impact, Destin Noir 2:18
15 La Dernière Bataille 3:25
16 Nos Rêves d'Enfants (Instrumental) 3:20
17 CM Bumper (C) 0:09
18 CM Bumper (D) 0:09
19 CM Bumper (E) 0:09
20 CM Bumper (F) 0:09
21 CM Bumper (G) 0:10
Disc length 49:40



Composed and Arranged by Shiro Sagisu

Synthesizers and Drums Programming: Shiro Sagisu
Acoustic Piano and Rhodes: Makoto Kuriya
Acoustic Guitar: Steve Holmes and Shiro Sagisu
Electric Guitar: Andrew Smith
Bass: Jerry Brown and Greg Lee
Drums and Percussions: Jerry Brown and Yuichi Togashiki

Lead Vocal: Meri Neeser
Background Vocals: Loren, Michel Dixon and Ian Pitter

Trumpet: Susumu Kazuhara and Eric Miyashiro
Saxophones: Osamu Koike
Solo Violin: Daisuke Kadowaki

Strings Orchestra (Tokyo): Chieko Kinbara Section
Strings Orchestra (London): London Studio Orchestra

Studios (Tokyo): Sound Inn, Universoul 999 and form
Studios (London): Eastcote and Olympic
Studios (Paris): Beethoven

Engineers: Masahiro Kawagucchi, Philip Bagenal and Shiro Sagisu

Session Managers: Fumio Takano, Philip Bagenal and Yuiko Mukaino

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