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Simoun Original Soundtrack 1

Catalog Number VICL-61964
Barcode 4988002503520
Release Date Jun 21, 2006
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 3045 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
LabelVictor / /
ManufacturerVictor Entertainment, Inc. / /
DistributorVictor Entertainment, Inc. / /



Disc 1

01 If It's Beautiful, That's Good Enough(TV Size Edit) 1:33
02 The Sound of Transfixing Bonds 2:25
03 The Nation of Women ~ First Movement: Man in Antiquity 1:48
04 The Nation of Women ~ Second Movement: The Collapse and Elimination of a Male-Dominated Society 1:51
05 The Nation of Women ~ Third Movement: Change and Preservation of the New Species 1:40
06 The Nation of Women ~ Fourth Movement: The Women's Nation is Established 1:49
07 Heart of Faint Love 2:29
08 Premonition of Departure 2:18
09 Wings Upon Wings 2:31
10 For the Benefit of the Special Future 2:21
11 Sorrow of the Simoun Sibylla 2:55
12 Stay Yourself... 2:01
13 Surge of the Spring 2:33
14 Promise 1:36
15 The Beautiful Maiden's Tears 1:41
16 Suspicion and Truth 1:47
17 Black Shadow 2:10
18 Auriga of the Wide Open Sky 2:27
19 Wailing Cold Tempest 2:30
20 Sky Fortress 2:43
21 Voice of Quiet Prayer 2:27
22 The Country 2:25
23 Oh Sky, Oh Wind, Oh Brilliance of the Earth 2:52
24 Song of Prayer 1:37
Disc length 52:29

Translated by NaotaM


All Music Composed, Arranged, Produced and Performed by Toshihiko Sahashi

Lyrics, Composition & Vocals: Chiaki Ishikawa
Arrangement: Masala Nishid.

Lyrics: aa
Composition: Takumi
Arrangement: Hideyuki Daichi Suzuki
Vocals: savage genius


Synthesizer & Programming: Toshihiko Sahashi

Piano: Yasuharu Nakanishi
Harp: Yuko Taguchi
Percussion: Midori Takada, Mari Kotake, Yoko Ishizaki

Flute: Hideyo Takakuwa
Oboe: Satoshi Shoji
Clarinet: Kimio Yamane
Bandoneon: Satoshi Kitamura
Horn: Otohiko Fujita
Trumpet: Eric Miyashiro
L.Percussion: Makoto "KIMUCHI" Kimura
Trombone: Masanori Hirohara
Strings: RUSH (Takashi Kato) STRINGS
Conductor: Koji Haishima


Produced by Keiichi Nozaki/野崎圭一 (VICTOR)

Score Recorded & Mixed by Yoshi Tamla
Assistant Enginereed by Akira Kobayashi, Mitsunori Aizawa (SoundValley)

Recording at SOUND INN Studio
Mixing at SOUND VALLEY Studio

Recording Coordinator: Masataka Ito/伊藤政孝 (SOUND VALLEY)
                                 Noriko Sekiya (Face Music Publisher)

Mastered by Kazushige Yamazaki (FLAIR)

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