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L.A. Noire Official Soundtrack

Catalog Number N/A
Barcode 859706117976
Release Date May 31, 2011
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 7.99 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack
PublisherRockstar Games / /
DistributorTuneCore / /


Composer / Andrew Hale, Simon Hale, Larry Grenadier, Stephen Coates, Woody Jackson
Arranger / Simon Hale, Gerard Presencer, Anoush Saboktakin, Todd Simon
Performer / Claudia Brücken, The Real Tuesday Weld, Andrew Hale, Simon Hale, Gerard Presencer, Mark Turner, John Taylor, David Friedman, Larry Grenadier, Jeff Ballard, Everton Nelson, Richard George, Fiona McNaught, Bill Hawkes, Chris Worsey, Ian Burdge, Stacey Watton, Nick Moss, Jamie Talbot, Tim Holmes, Phil Todd, Philip Eastop, Neil Shewan, John Barclay, Noel Langley, Tom Rees-Roberts, Richard Edwards, Dave Stewart, Owen Slade, Camilla Pay, Simon Chamberlain, Bill Lockhart, Chris Baron, Tetsuo Naito Group, Sachio Sugiura, Todd Simon, Davey Chegwidden, Pablo Calogero, Ryan Feves, Gus Seyffert, Mike Bolger
Recording Studio / Abbey Road Studios
Conductor / Simon Hale


Disc 1

01 Main Theme 3:05
02 New Beginning, Pt. 1 1:07
03 New Beginning, Pt. 2 1:25
04 New Beginning, Pt. 3 3:18
05 Minor 9Th 2:50
06 Pride of the Job, Pt. 1 2:38
07 Pride of the Job, Pt. 2 2:32
08 Noire Clarinet 2:34
09 Temptation, Pt. 1 1:15
10 Temptation, Pt. 2 2:13
11 Temptation, Pt. 3 0:53
12 J.J. 1:31
13 Redemption, Pt. 1 1:08
14 Redemption, Pt. 2 2:28
15 Redemption, Pt. 3 1:20
16 Slow Brood 2:05
17 Use and Abuse, Pt. 1 1:26
18 Use and Abuse, Pt. 2 0:50
19 Use and Abuse, Pt. 3 0:38
20 Use and Abuse, Pt. 4 1:21
21 Fall from Grace, Pt. 1 1:45
22 Fall from Grace, Pt. 2 1:13
23 Murder Brood, Pt. 1 2:35
24 Murder Brood, Pt. 2 2:18
25 Main Theme (Redux) 1:26
26 (I Always Kill) the Things I Love [feat. The Real Tuesday Weld] 2:55
27 Guilty [feat. The Real Tuesday Weld] 2:14
28 Torched Song [feat. The Real Tuesday Weld] 4:13
Disc length 55:16



Music by:
Andrew Hale (01, 05, 08, 25)
Andrew Hale & Simon Hale (02~04, 06, 07, 09~11, 13~24)
Larry Grenadier (12)
Stephen Coates (26~28)

Originally released on the 17th of May, the album was re-published the 31th of the same month with 2 new tracks (23, 24).
The old release is not available anymore.

Score composed by Andrew Hale
Orchestral Score composed by Andrew Hale and Simon Hale
"JJ" composed by Larry Grenadier
Andrew Hale: Piano, Keyboards, Programming
Simon Hale: Piano, Orchestral Arrangements, Conductor
Additional programming / sound design by Ian Duncan and Nick Phillips

Trumpet/Flugelhorn/Arrangements: Gerard Presencer
Saxophones : Mark Turner
Piano: John Taylor
Vibraphone: David Friedman
Acoustic Bass: Larry Grenadier
Drums: Jeff Ballard
Recorded at Metropolis Studios London
Engineered and Mixed by Mike Pela and Andrew Hale

Orchestra contracted by Isobel Griffiths
Conductor: Simon Hale
Lead Violin: Everton Nelson
Lead 2nd Violin: Richard George and Fiona McNaught
1st Viola: Bill Hawkes
1st Cello: Chris Worsey and Ian Burdge
1st Bass: Stacey Watton
Clarinet/Alto Sax/Soprano Sax/Flute: Nick Moss
Clarinet/Tenor Sax/Flute: Jamie Talbot
Bass Clarinet/Baritone Sax/Flute: Tim Holmes
Saxophone/Flute: Phil Todd
French Horn: Philip Eastop and Neil Shewan
Trumpets/Flugelhorn: John Barclay, Noel Langley and Tom Rees-Roberts
Tenor Trombone: Richard Edwards
Bass Trombone: Dave Stewart
Tuba: Owen Slade
Harp: Camilla Pay
Piano: Simon Chamberlain
Percussion: Bill Lockhart and Chris Baron
Recorded at Abbey Road Studios London
Engineered and mixed by Peter Cobbin and Andrew Dudman
Additional material recorded at Owlspace Studio London
Recorded and mixed by Mike Pela and Andrew Hale

Taiko Drums: Tetsuo Naito Group
Shakuhachi: Sachio Sugiura
Recorded at Haus Studios, Tokyo
Engineered by Makoto Kubota
Mixed by Andrew Hale

Additional Score composed by Woody Jackson
Engineer and Editor: Masa Tsuzuki
Engineer: Valente Torrez
Orchestration, Flugelhorn: Todd Simon
Percussion and Drums: Davey Chegwidden
Bass Clarinet, Baritone Saxophone, Bass Flute: Pablo Calogero
Upright Bass: Ryan Feves
Upright Bass: Gus Seyffert
Trumpet, French Horn: Mike Bolger
Additional Orchestration on Fall from Grace: Anoush Saboktakin
Recorded at Electro-Vox Recording Studios, Los Angeles, CA

"(I Always Kill) the Things I Love"
"Torched Song"
All songs written and produced by Stephen Coates
Performed by The Real Tuesday Weld
Vocals performed by Claudia Brucken
Vocals recorded by Paul Humphreys
Published by Six Degrees Music

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