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Catalog Number COCX-36823
Barcode 4988001480709
Release Date Jun 29, 2011
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2800 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
LabelColumbia / /
ManufacturerNIPPON COLUMBIA CO., LTD. / /
DistributorNIPPON COLUMBIA CO., LTD. / /
Phonographic CopyrightNIPPON COLUMBIA CO., LTD. / /


Disc 1

01 Sympathy to the Holy Spirit 1:48
02 Linguistic Chaos 2:37
03 Essence of Evil 2:40
04 Body Clad in Fear 2:16
05 The Hero is a Death God 2:22
06 The Magician is a Red-haired Wolf 2:19
07 Souvenirs Along the Streets 2:06
08 The Rainbow Shows the Path 1:58
09 Pomegranate-Colored Alchemy 3:43
10 The "African Song" of Labor 3:29
11 Challenge from a Memoir 1:11
12 The "African Song" of Lore 1:55
13 Feast Hidden in a Festival 2:27
14 Waiting Before the End 1:14
15 What a Tearful Letter Brings 0:18
16 Hint to the Solution 1:28
17 The Devil's Plot 2:25
18 La Vie en Rose 1:49
19 Vicious Vicissitudes of Fortune 1:57
20 Roses in Fantôme 1:38
21 Chaos Due to the "Monstre Charmant" 2:33
22 Holy Night in a Foreign Country 1:34
23 Kind Memories of Painful Longing 2:02
24 Momentary Celebration 1:22
25 Distant Connection 2:12
26 Foreseen Storm 2:12
27 Unseen Love of the Holy Mother 3:00
28 A Great Life for a Little Mother 2:53
29 Tied Forever 3:28
30 unity (TV Size) 1:30
Disc length 64:26



Lyrics: Shio Watanabe
Composed by: Asu (The New Classics)
Arranged by: Tomoki Hasegawa
Vocal and Chorus: Lisa Komine
Drums: Soul Toul
Bass: Hiromitsu Kawashima
Tin Whistle: Hideyo Takakuwa
Guitar, Mandolin and Chorus: Tomoki Hasegawa
Recording and Mix Engineer: Hirokazu Fukushima

All Music by Kotaro Nakagawa

Trumpet: Koji Nishimura, Masahiko Sugasaka
Trombone: Eijiro Nakagawa, Kanade Shishiuchi, Junko Yamashiro
Horn: Otohiko Fujita, Kensho Hagiwara, Atsushi Doyama, Yasushi Katsumata
Strings (Violin, Viola, Violoncello): Yuichiro Goto Strings
Chorus: Noria
Child Vocal: Shuto Nakagawa, Atsushi Hata [畑敦], Kohei Hayashi [林晃平], Nazuna Usui [碓井なずな], 酒井琴羽, Shiori Tanaka [田中しおり] (Track10&12)

Sound Producer: Motohide Tanaka (egg)
Recording Engineer: Teruaki Ise (A·K·A Studio), Hitomi Joko (MIXER'S LAB Azabu O Studio)
Assistant Engineer: Yoshikazu Nagai (Azabu O Studio), Toshiyuki Abe (WonderStation)
Mix Engineer: Teruaki Ise (A·K·A Studio)
Recording Studio: Azabu O Studio, WonderStation, A·K·A Studio
Mix Studio: A·K·A Studio
Mastering Engineer: Kazuhiro Yamagata (CD-design)
Mastering Studio: CD-design Studio

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