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Honto Uso (Tales of Ver.) / Me [Limited Edition]

ホ・ン・ト・ウ・ソ (テイルズオブVer.) / Me
Catalog Number AVCD-48142/B
Release Date Sep 28, 2011
Publish Format Commercial, Limited Edition
Release Price 2520 JPY
Media Format CD + DVD
Classification Vocal
Published by avex trax / /
Composed by misono, Me, Miki Watanabe / , BACK-ON
Arranged by Susumu Nishikawa / , AKIRASTAR, BACK-ON
Performed by Me, misono
Lyrics by misono, Me


Disc 1

01 ホ・ン・ト・ウ・ソ 5:04
02 ス・キ・ラ・イ 5:17
03 七夕☆ジタButterFly♪feat.misono 4:12
04 with you ~ver. ME~ 3:45
Disc length 18:18
Disc 2

01 ホ・ン・ト・ウ・ソ (Video Clip) ~テイルズ オブ シンフォニア THE ANIMATION 世界統合編 ver.~
02 Tales... ~Tales of FESTIVAL 2011 live ver.~
03 ホ・ン・ト・ウ・ソ~Tales of FESTIVAL 2011 live ver.~
04 with you feat.Me ~ME direction ver.~
Disc length


M01 - OVA "Tales of Symphonia THE ANIMATION -The United World Episode-" Opening Theme
Lyrics: misono, Me
Composition: misono, Me
Arrangement: Susumu Nishikawa

Lyrics: Me
Composition: Me
Arrangement: Susumu Nishikawa

Lyrics: Me
Composition: Miki Watanabe
Arrangement: AKIRASTAR
Vocals: Me feat.misono

M04 - PSP Game "Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3" Opening Theme
Lyrics: Me
Composition: BACK-ON
Arrangement: BACK-ON

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