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MotorStorm Apocalypse Original Soundtrack

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date May 17, 2011
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 4.99 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack, Remix
PublisherSony Computer Entertainment America LLC / /


Composer / Klaus Badelt, Ian Honeyman
Arranger / Noisia, Elite Force, DJ Shadow, Robert Elhai
Performer / London Metropolitan Orchestra, Caroline Dale, Andrew Raiher, Randy Ryker
Recording Engineer / Jake Jackson
Recording Studio / EMI Abbey Road Studios
Mixing Engineer / Joel Yarger
Conductor / Andy Brown
Sound Director / Chuck Doud


Disc 1

01 MotorStorm Apocalypse 2:58
02 The Rookie 2:35
03 The Pro 1:54
04 The Veteran 2:46
05 Charger (Noisia MS:A remix) 4:39
06 Deathmatch (Noisia MS:A remix) 5:22
07 Oversteer (Noisia MS:A remix) 3:33
08 Slipstream (Noisia MS:A remix) 3:24
09 Blown (Noisia MS:A remix) 2:50
10 Crash Test (Noisia MS:A remix) 3:43
11 Traction Control (Noisia MS:A remix) 3:43
12 The Assembly (Noisia MS:A remix) 3:55
13 Spazm (Elite Force MS:A remix) 2:49
14 Paradise Alley (Elite Force MS:A remix) 2:32
15 The Horror (Elite Force MS:A remix) 2:40
16 Drifter (Elite Force MS:A remix) 3:12
17 Dryve (Elite Force MS:A remix) 3:07
18 Barrel Down (Elite Force MS:A remix) 2:51
19 Hypersonic (Elite Force MS:A remix) 3:00
20 Speedball (Elite Force MS:A remix) 2:48
21 Shockland (Elite Force MS:A remix) 2:52
22 Loco (Elite Force MS:A remix) 2:36
23 Jackhammer (Elite Force MS:A remix) 2:13
24 Breakneck (Elite Force MS:A remix) 3:06
25 Headlong (Elite Force MS:A remix) 3:03
26 Apocalypse Here and Now (DJ Shadow Remix) 1:42
27 MotorStorm Apocalypse (DJ Shadow Remix) 3:59
28 Mercurial (Elite Force MS:A remix) 2:50
Disc length 86:42



Composed by Klaus Badelt

Remixed by:
Noisia: 5~12
Elite Force: 13~25, 28
DJ Shadow: 26, 27

Music Supervision by Duncan Smith and Alan McDermott
Director of Music: Chuck Doud
Senior Music Manager: Clint Bajakian
Music Manager: Jonathan Mayer
Music Mixing: Joel Yarger

Executive Composer: Klaus Badelt
Music by Ian Honeyman
Score Produced by Klaus Badelt
Orchestra Recorded by Jake Jackson
Score Orchestrated by Robert Elhai
Music Preparation by Vic Fraser
Orchestra Conducted by Andy Brown
Orchestra: London Metropolitan Orchestra
Score Recorded at EMI Abbey Road Studios, London / Theme Park Studios, Santa Monica

Featuring Solo Performances by:
Caroline Dale (cello)
Andrew Raiher (bass)
Randy Ryker (guitar)

Executive in Charge of Music: Robyn Klein
Score Production Manager: Simone de Leuw
Score Technical Assistant: Daniel Rojas

Written and Produced by Nightwatch aka Nik Roos, Martijn van Sonderen and Thijs de Vlieger at De Noisia Kantoor II

Remixed by Elite Force at the Luna Module 2010
Produced & Engineered by Elite Force

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