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Catalog Number RQCD010 [Extra Credits]
Release Date Aug 13, 2011C80
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price 700 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement, Vocal
Organizations rythmique / / (Publisher)
Composer / ZUN
Arranger / nijeil, Tii.m, Eichi.s, Manack, Wai.k
Performer / Yuto Izumi / , 3L, IKAchan / , Akira Iwata / , Seiji Okajima / , Akira Kabe, WataruStringsTrio, Manack
Lyricist / Ayanon / , Sayaka Yamazaki /
Recording Engineer / nijeil, Tii.m, Manack, Wai.k
Mastering Engineer / Wai.k


Disc 1

01 Closed world 4:51
02 夏の通り雨 5:10
03 Demystify Feast 4:21
04 プレインエイジア 3:57
05 倫敦人形は口を閉ざす。 6:08
06 ブクレシュティの人形師 3:51
07 ガラス玉 4:29
Disc length 32:47


All tunes are originally composed by ZUN (Team Shanghai Alice)

01 original piece Flowering Night from Touhou Kaeidzuka
arranged ny nijeil
lyrics by Ayanon
feat.vocal Yuto Izumi
Bass: Akira Iwata
Percussion: Seiji Okajima

02 original piece Deaf to All but the Song from Touhou Eiyashou
arranged by Tii.m
lyrics by Sayaka Yamazaki
feat.vocal 3L
Guiter FAkira Kabe
Strings: WataruStringsTrio
StringsArrange: Tii.m

03 from Touhou Suimusou
arranged by Eichi.s

04 from Touhou Eiyashou
arranged by Eichi.s

05 original piece Romantic Children from Touhou Kaikidan
arranged by Manack
lyrics by Ayanon
feat.vocal IKAchan
Keyboard: Manack

06 from Touhou Youyoumu
arranged by Eichi.s

07 original piece Maiden's Capriccio ~ Capriccio from Touhou Gensokyo
arranged by Wai.k
lyrics by Ayanon
feat.vocal IKAchan
Percussion: IKAchan
Guiter: Akira Kabe
Strings: WataruStringsTrio
StringsArrange: Tii.m

=Sound Section Credit=
Wai.k by the courtesy of EternalTune
Vocal Recording Engineer: #1 nijeil, #2 Tii.m, #5 Manack, #7 Wai.k(EternalTune)
Vocal Recording Studio: #2,7 at ano studio, #5 at Atelier Manack
Mastering Engineer: Wai.k(EternalTune)

=Create Section Credit=
Front&Back Illustration: yamizawa(kuronekokan MONPETIT)
Jacket&Booklet Disign works: Kaikomayu
Web Disign works: orange7072(rythmique)
CD Press & Print: TECHTRANS CO.,LTD.
Jacket&Booklet Print: 三創印刷株式会社
Supervisor: DryGin(rythmique)
PromotionVideo: 鈴丸一片 (F.A.T.S)

=Thanks Credit=
All tunes are originally composed by ZUN (Team Shanghai Alice) and many many thanks!!!
ano studio
丸造 (セレナーデ)
and You.

Total Sound Director: Wai.k(EternalTune)
Exective Producer: orange7072(rythmique)
Produced by rythmique

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