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Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian Suite

TV Anime "Dantalian no Shoka" Original Soundtrack Kumikyoku "Dantalian no Shoka"
Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian Original Soundtrack Suite "Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian"
Catalog Number COCX-36945~6 [Extra Credits]
Barcode 4988001721543
Release Date Oct 05, 2011
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 3990 JPY
Media Format 2 CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
Organizations Columbia / / (Label), NIPPON COLUMBIA CO., LTD. / / (Manufacturer, Distributor)
Composed by Yo Tsuji /
Arranged by Yo Tsuji /
Performed by Yucca, Gen Ittetsu String Quartet, Harumi Aoike / , Yoshiaki Sato / , Hirofumi Mizuno / , Tomoyuki Asakawa / , Hajime Miura / , Hideyo Takakuwa / , Itaru Masumoto / , Masakazu Ishibashi / , Tomoka Hirota / , Mizuka Motoki / , Kenichi Goshima / , Masashi Maeda / , Junji Takemura / , Otohiko Fujita /
Lyrics by Noricus Benedictus
Recorded by Hironobu Asano /
Mixed by Hironobu Asano /
Mixed at Splash Sound Studio
Mastered by Hiroshi Satow /
Mastered at Hitokuchizaka Studio

Disc 1 [COCX-36945]

01 Cras numquam scire (TV-Size) 1:34
02 Suite No.1, Mov.1: An old, deep, quiet forest. There's no sign of anyone... 3:17
03 Suite No.1, Mov.2: Clear air. Don't get too emotional, just sing along. 3:45
04 Suite No.1, Mov.3: Humming an old song. A simplistic and dignified appearance. 3:25
05 Suite No.2, Mov.1: The bottom of a jet black lake. Moonlight shining on the lake surface. 3:18
06 Suite No.2, Mov.2: An idyllic scene. We wandered around in a thick fog on the way. 3:18
07 Suite No.2, Mov.3: The sound echoes in the forest temple. Looking back, a cool breeze blows over the field. 3:08
08 Suite No.3, Mov.1: The middle part of a sweet recollection and a dance-like personality. 3:09
09 Suite No.3, Mov.2: Whimsical regularity and primitive strength. 3:11
10 Suite No.3, Mov.3: The remains of a deserted garden. It's like something is falling apart. 3:07
11 Suite No.4, Mov.1: An exhausting march. Dangerously symmetrical and occasionally overflowing emotions. 3:15
12 Suite No.4, Mov.2: A castle appears in the dense fog. A humorous dance in the castle. Again, it disappears into the thick fog. 3:11
13 Suite No.4, Mov.3: Dreamy emotions. A piano interlude like a rain shower. 3:37
Disc length 41:15
Disc 2 [COCX-36946]

01 Suite No.5, Mov.1: An empty woodwind fanfare. Inside the monastery. An unanswered monologue. A glimpse of light. 3:23
02 Suite No.5, Mov.2: A deformed piano. An irredeemable violin. 3:32
03 Suite No.5, Mov.3: A nostalgic scene. More or less a sense of loss and a glimmer of hope. 3:12
04 Suite No.6, Mov.1: The sound of voices coming from inside the thick walls. Emptiness. 3:19
05 Suite No.6, Mov.2: Damp, raw, warm air. Relentless prayers and the marks of a bonfire. 3:11
06 Suite No.6, Mov.3: A gentle breeze caresses our cheeks. A meadow with a pale light. 3:09
07 Suite No.7, Mov.1: A child's mind. The end of summer... 3:07
08 Suite No.7, Mov.2: Fluctuation: The euphoria of a slight sleep. Dreams of home. 3:28
09 Suite No.7, Mov.3: A journey. Heading in the direction where the light shines... 3:08
10 Suite No.8, Mov.1: A light born from darkness... and multiplying. 3:16
11 Suite No.8, Mov.2: The sky of the journey. The transformation of clouds and a longing for home. 3:28
12 Suite No.8, Mov.3: Continuing on the path ahead. Reminiscence and the story's epilogue. 3:50
13 3 Tone Clusters for Dantalian 0:17
14 Dallaglio's Piano 0:58
15 Test Play 0:10
16 Christabel's Violin 2:34
17 Study for Player Piano & Violin 0:32
18 Exit 0:10
19 Piece for Doll 2:07
20 Tango Antiqua 2:20
Disc length 49:11

Translated by nextday


All music Composed & Produced by Yo Tsuji

Co-produce by Nami Takamura [高村奈美] (RodeoDrive)

Mixed & Recorded by Hironobu Asano (Redefine)
Recored at ONKIO HAUS
Mixed at Splash Sound Studio
Mastered by Hiroshi Sato (Nippon Columbia)
Mastered at Hitokuchizaka Studio
Musician Coordinated by Fumio Takano [高野文男] (Global Music) / Shizuka Iwasawa [岩澤静香] (Global Music)

M-01 - TV Anime "Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian" Opening Theme
Performer: Yucca
Composer: Yo Tsuji
Arranger: Yo Tsuji
Lyricist: Noricus Benedictus [ノリクス・ベネディクトゥス]

Vocal: Yucca
String Quartet: Gen Ittetsu Strings
Piano & Celesta: Harumi Aoike
Accordion: Yoshiaki Sato / Hirofumi Mizuno
Harp: Tomoyuki Asakawa
Percussion: Hajime Miura
Flute & Piccolo: Hideyo Takakuwa / Itaru Masumoto
Oboe & E. Horn: Masakazu Ishibashi / Tomoca Hirota
Clarinet: Mizuka Motoki
Fagotto: Kenichi Goshima / Masashi Maeda
Horn: Junji Takemura / Otohiko Fujita

Jacket Illustration: Sumie Kinoshita [木野下澄江] / Hiroyuki Yamaga [山賀博之]
Jacket Designer: 石井靖 / Eriko Ishibashi [石橋恵理子] (Viracocha)
Interview & Text: haramakineko [腹巻猫] (Gekiban Club [劇伴倶楽部])
Assistant: Yukiko Okade [岡出祐樹子]
Editor: 高橋彩子 (Nippon Columbia)
Promoter: Sumako Yamadashima [山田島須磨子] (Nippon Columbia)
Sales Promoter: Emiko Shibata [芝田詠美子] (Nippon Columbia)

A&R: Shunichi Uemura / Tomohiro Kashiwaya (Nippon Columbia)

Produced by: Tomoko Saito [斎藤友子]

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