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Batman: Arkham City - The Album (Deluxe Edition)

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Oct 04, 2011
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 13.99 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
Organizations WaterTower Music / / (Label)
Composer / Nick Arundel
Arranger /
Performer / Panic! At The Disco, Coheed and Cambria, The Duke Spirit, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Blaqk Audio, The Raveonettes, ††† (Crosses), The Damned Things, Daughtry, The Boxer Rebellion, Serj Tankian


Disc 1

01 Mercenary 2:42
02 Deranged 4:26
03 Creature 2:33
04 Shadow On the Run 4:49
05 Afterdark 4:26
06 Oh, Stranger 3:19
07 The Years 4:01
08 Trophy Widow 3:45
09 Drown In You 4:22
10 Losing You 3:35
11 Total Paranoia 2:57
12 Arkham City Main Theme (From "Batman: Arkham City" [Original Score]) 2:48
13 The Court Is Now In Session (From "Batman: Arkham City" [Original Score]) 2:17
14 I Think You Should Do As He Says (From "Batman: Arkham City" [Original Score]) 2:35
15 I Know What You Guys Are Thinking (From "Batman: Arkham City" [Original Score]) 3:35
16 Call Him Off (From "Batman: Arkham City" [Original Score]) 4:37
17 You Should Have Listened to My Warning (From "Batman: Arkham City" [Original Score]) 2:10
Disc length 58:57


"Mercenary" by: Panic! At The Disco
Written by: Spencer Smith & Brendon Urie

"Deranged" by: Coheed and Cambria
Written by: Claudio Sanchez

"Creature" by: The Duke Spirit
Written by: Liela Moss & Toby Butler

"Shadow On The Run" by: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Written by: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

"Afterdark" by: Blaqk Audio
Written by: Blaqk Audio

"Oh, Stranger" by: The Raveonettes
Written by: Sune Rose Wagner

"The Years " by: ††† (Crosses)
Written by: Chuck Doom, Shaun Lopez & Chino Moreno

"Trophy Widow" by: The Damned Things
Written by: Rob Caggiano, Keith Buckley & Joe Trohman

"Drown In You" by: Daughtry
Written by: Daughtry, Marti Frederiksen & Chris Daughtry

"Losing You " by: The Boxer Rebellion
Written by: T Howe, N Nicholson, A. Harrison & P Hewitt

"Total Paranoia" by: Serj Tankian
Written by: Serj Tankian & Steven Sater

Original Score Music by: Nick Arundel (12~17)

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