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Luminati OST

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date May 08, 2011
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price Name Your Price
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack
PublisherMattias Holmgren / /
Exclusive RetailerBandcamp / /


Composer / Mattias Holmgren
Arranger / Mattias Holmgren
Performer / Mattias Holmgren


Disc 1

01 End of what we know 1:52
02 The shephard, title theme 1:06
03 Fewskip 2:42
04 Tie your shoes 4:52
05 Wings of Luminati, ingame 2:02
06 Until death do us part #1 1:32
07 Green starlight 2:33
08 Traloika 3:05
09 My sacred Journey 2:35
10 Fall before me 1:05
11 Paleolitikum 1:33
12 Curse of Kahala 0:52
13 Luminati Win cue 0:16
14 Luminati Game Over Cue 0:10
Disc length 26:15



Mattias Holmgren - All music, arrangement, instruments, production, creative sound design and mastering.

- Track information -

1. End of what we know

  Atmospheric bonus track.

2. The shephard, title theme

  This is the title theme of Luminati. A quite dark but seductive theme with piano, clarinett, strings, harp, spiced with some delicate sound design.

3. Fewskip

  Fewskip is the theme played when you have finished all levels in Luminati and gets presented with a congratulations screen. The music was written to reflect the after thoughts, a feel-good mood to give the player an award after finishing the game. A bit dream pop inspired with lush sound.

4. Tie your shoes

  Tie your shoes was written during the production of Luminati, it was a potential ending them. But never ended up within the actual iPhone game.

5. Wings of Luminati, ingame

  This is the epic ingame theme of Luminati featuring lush instruments like a live recorded chinese Bawu with it's haunting tone. Dark and lurking track which gives some nice room for sound effects, yet still has a melodic quality to keep it interesting. My own favourite.

  Mattias Holmgren: Chinese Bawu

6. Until death do us part #1

  This is a theme which was used for the trailer of Luminati iPhone game.

7. Green starlight

  This is an ethnic track with a very groovy vibe which later explodes into a choir with a dubfunk kinda beat. Very neat. =)

8. Traloika

  Traloika is a guitarbased dreampop track written during the Luminati sessions, it was supposed to act as music during "load" but due to file-size it didn't end up in the iPhone game.

9. My sacred Journey

  Classical piano with a tight and epic classical arrangement

10. Fall before me

  This is an epic and bombastic winning theme which I initially started composing in 2008 for the PC game Legio. It was used as temp-track for the the winning music in Legio during development. =)

12. Curse of Kahala

  Ethnic track with a dark vibe, a bit of Prince of persia mixed with tribal percussion. Short but quite neat theme.

13. Luminati Win cue

  The cue which is played when you win over an opponent in Luminati.

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