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MAWARU-PENGUINDISC VOL.2 Original Soundtrack

輪るピングディスク VOL.2 オリジナルサウンドトラック
Mawaru Penguindrum Vol.2 Original Soundtrack
Catalog Number SSX-10206
Barcode 4988003808501
Release Date Nov 23, 2011
Publish Format Commercial, Enclosure
Release Price 9240 JPY (Package Price)
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Drama
ManufacturerKing Record Co., Ltd. / /

Disc 1 Original Soundtrack, Video

01 Bonds: Kanba 3:16
02 Bonds: Chase 2:18
03 Ew, What IS That? 1:44
04 Prelude to Love 1:50
05 The Totally Tabuki Dating Sim (Audio Drama) 16:41
06 The Girl is TA-TA-TA! 1:53
07 Delusional Waltz 1:48
08 Reality Bomb (Ottie and Kappie) 1:45
09 Penguin Mission: Returns 1:58
Disc length 33:13

Translated by Good Haro


Music by Yukari Hashimoto

Programming: Yukari Hashimoto
Acoustic & Electric Piano, Hammond Organ: Daisuke Kawai
Acoustic & Electric & Baritone Guitars: Masahiro Itami
Uplight & Electric Bass: Hitoshi Watanabe (by the courtesy of GEMMATIKA Records)
Drum: Shigeo Miyata
Saxophone & Whistle: Hiromi Sano
Trumpet: Koji Nishimura
Strings: Masatsugu Shinozaki Strings
Chorus: nana condo, Sachiko Watabe, Hiroaki Takeuchi

Recording Coordinator: Kengo Fukui (VERYGOO)
Musician Coordinator: Yoji Sugiyama (Witchcraft)
Recording & Mixing Engineer: Yuji Sugiyama
Mastering Engineer: Hiroyuki Tsuji (King Sekiguchidai Studio)

Enclosed in Mawaru Penguindrum Vol.2 Limited Edition BD (KIXA-90133).

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