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Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Nov 07, 2011
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price 5.00 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Vocal, Original Work
PublisherMega Beardo / /
Exclusive RetailerBandcamp / /


Composer / Mega Beardo
Performer / Mega Beardo, Joe White, Jeff Jordan
Lyricist / Mega Beardo


Disc 1

01 Simon 2:47
02 Creatures of the Bloodline 7:38
03 Medusa's Scream 10:10
04 I Return to Rain 11:15
05 Shadows Without a Sun 8:12
06 The Mysterious Works of Dr. Frankenstein 6:03
07 Bring Me Death 6:02
08 Such is the Curse 5:06
09 The War of Dark and Light 12:25
Disc length 69:38



""Belmont" is a metal concept album based on the original Castlevania game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. All nine tracks on the album follow Simon Belmont as he progresses through each level of Dracula's castle to fulfill his destiny. The lyrics deal with Belmont's personal journey as he struggles with the burden of ridding the world from impending darkness. The recognizable villains and in-game environments play a key role, while certain characters and elements of the game will be expanded upon in ways that enrich the overall story."

Ryan Postlethwait: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Acoustics, Dulcimers, Programming, Percussion, Piano.
Medusa's vocals on "Medusa's Scream" by Joe White.
Dracula's vocals on "The War of Dark and Light" by Jeff Jordan.

Album Stats

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Doujin Music
Platforms represented
NES (Famicom), Nintendo Famicom Disk System

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