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Fastfall - Dustforce OST

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Jan 24, 2012
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 3.99 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack, Prototype/Unused
PublisherLifeformed / /
Exclusive RetailerBandcamp / /


Music / Terence Lee (Lifeformed)


Disc 1

01 Cider Time 2:59
02 9-bit Expedition 3:00
03 Elvish Piper Academy 2:48
04 Fifty FPS Forest 1:16
05 Swimming While it Rains 2:40
06 The Magnetic Tree 4:28
07 Electric Relic 1:55
08 It's Not Supposed To Be Snowing 2:37
09 Pillars of Pepper 3:37
10 Frozen Hot Sauce 2:13
11 Sepia Tone Laboratory 3:03
12 Upside Down Stalagmite 3:33
13 Baryogenesis 3:22
14 A Safe Place to Sleep 2:34
15 Introduction 0:30
16 Your Favorite Color 1:52
17 Light Pollution 3:40
18 Dream Salvage 2:48
Disc length 48:55



3 bonus tracks included if you buy the full album.

Notes from the .txt liner notes enclosed with the release:
01 - Cider Time
As development of the game progressed and the seasons got colder, Mary would sometimes create
for us a large batch of warm, spiced, and spiked apple cider.  We would work for some period
of time until Mary would announce that it was suddenly "cider time".  If you listen closely,
around the 0:25 second mark, her voice is introduced as a faint vocal.

02 - 9-bit Expedition
This is one of my favorite songs from this album.  I created it specifically for the tutorial
world in Dustforce, which has retro, Tron-style visuals.  It evokes the 8-bit era of games,
but in high-resolution.  That's why this track has 8-bit style instruments, but with a modern
sheen.  It's a bit more than 8-bit, hence the name.

03 - Elvish Piper Academy
Although this is one of the earlier songs that I made, it turned out to be one of my
favorites.  I struggled a bit with my other early songs, but once I discovered some fun uses
for gating and side chaining, I ended up creating the bright synth wash in the middle of
this track, which I was very happy with.

04 - Fifty FPS Forest
One of my earliest tracks.  I wanted to call it "Sixty FPS Forest", because that's the speed
that the game runs at, but I couldn't pass up the alliteration.

05 - Swimming While It Rains
Before I joined the project, the team had other plans for the music of Dustforce.  They were
interested in having me do the sound effects, but I secretly wanted to do the music above
all things.  I stayed up late to make a track to try to convince them that I was up to the
task, and created this one.

06 - The Magnetic Tree
This is the longest track in the album, and it also took me the longest to create.  I went
through many variations, but I could not make progress because I had too strictly defined
what I wanted the style of the forest to be.  I thought this track would be too ambient and
dynamic for the game, but it ended up fitting fine once I heard it in context.

07 - Electric Relic
This track and "Swimming While It Rains" share many similarities, because they actually
started out as the same song.  It eventually diverged too much in style and became fairly
long, so I split it into two tracks.

08 - It's Not Supposed To Be Snowing
I love both piano and arpeggios, so this song had to exist.

09 - Pillars of Pepper
To create the music for the city areas of the game, I turned to the genre of instrumental
hip-hop for inspiration.  Yet somehow, the end result felt completely different, and was
probably more appropriate for the lab setting.

10 - Frozen Hot Sauce
This is the last song that I created.  I made it in one rushed sitting, one day before the
launch of the game on Steam.  We needed one more track for the city environment, and this was
the result.

11 - Sepia Tone Laboratory
I set out to create a song for the mansion setting, but I kept accidentally creating
sciencey noises: bubbly pops and electrical hums, which kept reminding of goopy beakers
and high-voltage cables, so this ended up being a Lab song.

12 - Upside Down Stalagmite
The game already has ambient soundscapes in each area, but I wanted a rainy one built into
this song.  It gives it a texture that makes me imagine that I am hiding from the weather in
a cave, and I stumble across an alien environment, like the whole cavern was turned upside

13 - Baryogenesis
This song is a big mashup of every effect and technique that I had used to that point, and it
doesn't mind being unsubtle about it.

14 - A Safe Place To Sleep
Dustforce was originally going to be a game with a huge campaign adventure mode that would
contain all the levels in one giant map (no doors).  We scrapped that idea when we couldn't
make it flow well.  I created this simple ambient track for the menu areas of that campaign
mode, but it ended up working pretty well for the starting area of the game, as well as the
Park level (which I created).

15 - Introduction
Early in development, Woodley drew an animation for the intro sequence of the game, and this
was my attempt to match the visuals with sound.  I think this is my least favorite track.

16 - Your Favorite Color
I completely forgot about this one when the game launched.  It was one of the first tracks I
made, and we used it in an early trailer, but somehow it didn't get included in the final
game.  That doesn't bother me too much because it already sounds very similar to "Electric
Relic" and "Swimming While It Rains".

17 - Light Pollution
I really struggled with the city section of the game - I kept making it sound too much like
the lab area, so I went in the direction of this song.  I liked it but my ears kept telling me
something was wrong.  It took me a long time but I decided to abandon it since it didn't fit
the style of the game enough.  I salvaged the beat from it and put it into "Frozen Hot Sauce".

18 - Dream Salvage
This was an impromptu track that I made many years ago, when I first got my MIDI controller.
This track is hidden in the game somewhere - go find it!

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