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Catalog Number N/A
Release Date May 01, 2012
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 9.99 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack
PublisherSony Computer Entertainment America LLC / /


Composer / Christopher Lennertz, Brandon Roberts
Arranger / Andrew Kinney, Brandon Roberts
Performer / Skywalker Symphony Orchestra, Tommy Morgan, Chris Bleth, M.B. Gordy, George Doering, Bart Samolis, Charlie Bisharat, Chuck Doud, Jonathan Mayer
Recording Engineer / Joel Yarger, Anthony Caruso, Leslie Ann Jones
Recording Studio / Skywalker Sound
Mixing Engineer / Jonathan Mayer, Marc Senasac, Joel Yarger, Anthony Caruso
Sound Director / Chuck Doud
Recording Studio / East West Studios


Disc 1

01 Homeworld 2:21
02 Rifter Pride 2:12
03 The Outcast 2:11
04 Prologue 2:09
05 A Tale of Two Brothers 1:19
06 Work Site Raid 2:00
07 Into the Fray 1:04
08 Hawk Battle 2:48
09 Come and Get It 1:10
10 The Pipeline 2:12
11 Down to the Wire 1:12
12 Abandoned Settlement 1:36
13 Battle at Ballard's Crossing 2:10
14 Orbital Defense 2:03
15 Bring 'em Home 1:39
16 Train Robbery 1:54
17 Road to White Sands 2:16
18 Homeworld Under Siege 2:15
19 Fleet Battle 2:00
20 Heroism 2:30
21 The Crash Site 2:10
22 The Rift 2:42
23 Emmett's Theme 2:08
Disc length 46:01



Digital release.

Music Composed by Christopher Lennertz
Additional Music by Brandon Roberts
Director of Music: Chuck Doud
Sr. Music Manager: Clint Bajakian
Score Produced by Keith Leary, Matt Levine
Score Mixed and Edited by Joel Yarger, Marc Senasac, Anthony Caruso, Jonathan Mayer
Music Editors: Ted Kocher, Andrew Buresh, Scott Hanau

Harmonica: Tommy Morgan
Ethnic Woodwinds: Chris Bleth
Percussion: M.B. Gordy
Dobro and Slide Electric Guitars: George Doering
Bass: Bart Samolis
Electric Fiddle: Charlie Bisharat
Acoustic and Electric Guitars: Chuck Doud
Additional percussion: Jonathan Mayer

Soloists recorded at East West Studios, Los Angeles and at SCEA Foster City Studios by Joel Yarger and Anthony Caruso

Music arranged and orchestrated by Andrew Kinney and Brandon Roberts

Score performed by the Skywalker Symphony Orchestra
Orchestra Conducted by Christopher Lennertz
Score Recorded at Skywalker Sound, a Lucasfilm Ltd. Company, Marin County, California
Scoring Engineer: Leslie Ann Jones
Pro Tools Recordist/Editor: Andre j.h. Zweers

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