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Twisted Metal Original Soundtrack

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Feb 14, 2012
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 9.99 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack
PublisherSony Computer Entertainment America LLC / /


Composer / Larry LaLonde, Dan Monti, Greg Tripi, Chuck Carr, Michael Wandmacher, Brain, Chuck E. Myers, Tommy Hopkins, Jake Bowen, Joel Stevenett, Brian Lovechild, Sascha Dikiciyan, Buckethead, Hip Hop Gamer


Disc 1

01 Twisted Metal Theme 2:18
02 Gentlemen, Start Your Weapons 3:24
03 Boom 3:25
04 Deathwish 2:57
05 The Twisted Fate of Sweet Tooth the Clown 3:33
06 Race to Destruction 2:58
07 Shotgunner 2:52
08 Carmageddon 2:54
09 Object Identified 3:14
10 Mr. Grimm's Dark Trip Back 2:37
11 Ready Set Destroy 3:37
12 Roadkill 2:47
13 Motorpsycho 3:31
14 The Madness of Dollface 2:16
15 Ready to Die 3:11
16 Bruise Control 4:21
17 Hell on Wheels 3:06
18 Shoot to Kill 2:58
19 Calypso Industries 2:19
20 Get Twisted 3:12
Disc length 61:30



"Twisted Metal Theme" by Larry LaLonde, Dan Monti & Greg Tripi

"Gentlemen, Start Your Weapons" by Chuck Carr

"Boom" by Dan Monti

"Deathwish" by Larry LaLonde & Dan Monti

"The Twisted Fate of Sweet Tooth the Clown" by Michael Wandmacher

"Race to Destruction" by Brain

"Shotgunner" by Larry LaLonde & Dan Monti

"Carmageddon" by Chuck E. Myers, Tommy Hopkins, Jake Bowen & Joel Stevenett

"Object Identified" by Brian Lovechild

"Mr. Grimm's Dark Trip Back" by Michael Wandmacher

"Ready Set Destroy" by Sascha Dikiciyan

"Roadkill" by Larry LaLonde & Dan Monti

"Motorpsycho" by Chuck Carr

"The Madness of Dollface" by Michael Wandmacher

"Ready to Die" by Brain & Buckethead

"Bruise Control" by Brian Lovechild

"Hell on Wheels" by Chuck Carr

"Shoot to Kill" by Brian Lovechild

"Calypso Industries" by Michael Wandmacher

"Get Twisted" by Hip Hop Gamer & Brain

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