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Street Fighter II -G.S.M. CAPCOM 4-

ストリートファイター II -G.S.M. CAPCOM 4-
Catalog Number N/A (bootleg printing of PCCB-00056)
Release Date 1991
Publish Format Bootleg
Release Price Unknown (Japan)
Media Format 2 Cassette
Classification Original Soundtrack, Arrangement, Sound Effect
OrganizationsPony Canyon, Scitron Label
This album is a bootleg.
Please support the original artists by not purchasing bootleg albums.


Composer / Alfh Lyra (Pii, Oyaji, Hifumi / , Chanchacorin), Mendelssohn
Arranger / Alfh Lyra (Pii, Oyaji, T Yomage / , Chanchacorin)
Guitar / Oyaji, Navy Tomioka
Bass Guitar / Chopper Fujisawa
Computer Manipulator / Kimitaka Matsumae /
Recording Engineer / Toshiyuki Fukui / , Hiroki Muraoka
Assistant Engineer / Hideaki Nojima / , Koh-ichi Homma, Hiromi Ichikawa
Recording Studio / Kannozaki Marine Studio, Light Studio
Mastering Engineer / Kumiko Takeuchi /
Design / Rice
Creative Director / Haruki Tahara / (Warp)
Director / Takashi Okamoto (Scitron & Art Inc.)
Producer / Yoshihiro Ohno / (Scitron & Art Inc.)
Executive Producer / Kazusuke Obi / (Scitron & Art Inc.)
Special Thanks / Capcom Marketing Team, HNA Kuwamoto, Kohji Nakamura


Disc 1

05 ①Credit/Player Select ②Strategy Directives∙Weapon Select ③Take-Off from the Aircraft Carrier 1:52
06 ①MISSION 1 Capital City Recovery Operation~Achieving Air Superiority ②BOSS 1 (1 STAGE BOSS The Bomber Blackjack, 8 STAGE BOSS 1 Mobile Gun Battery) ③Stage Clear~Aircraft Carrier Landing 2:45
07 ①MISSION 2 Capital City Recovery Operation~Defeating the Occupying Enemy Force ②BOSS 2 (2 STAGE BOSS The Mobile Fortress Murachyof, 7 STAGE BOSS The Revised Bomber Blackjack, 8 STAGE BOSS 2 The Mobile Gun Battery Carl) 3:30
08 ①MISSION 3 Obstructing the Enemy Fleet's Landing Operation ②BOSS 3 (3 STAGE BOSS The Missile Cruiser Kirov, 6 STAGE BOSS The Nuclear Submarine Typhoon III, 10 STAGE BOSS 1 The Space Shuttle "Bran") 3:20
09 ①MISSION 4 Shipyard Destruction Operation ②BOSS 4 (4 STAGE BOSS The Aircraft Carrier Tbilisi) 2:35
10 ①MISSION 5 Weapons Experiment Area Strike Operation 1 (Aerial Battle) ②BOSS 5 (5 STAGE BOSS The AWACS Mainstay, 9 STAGE BOSS The Laser Gun Battery Gamma) 2:10
11 ①MISSION 6 Weapons Experiment Area Strike Operation 2 (Ground Battle) ②MISSION 7 Attack on the Enemy Bomber Formation 3:28
12 ①MISSION 8 Desert Base Strike Operation ②MISSION 9 Fortress Strike Operation 4:07
13 ①MISSION 10 Stratosphere ②BOSS 6 (10 STAGE BOSS 2 Laser Satellite) 4:09
14 ①Ending 1 ②Ending 2 ③Game Over 5:22
15 ①Credit (Leaving on a Journey)/The Road to the Tower (Round 1) ②The Dragon Tower 1 (Round 2) 3:54
16 ①The Dragon Tower 2 (Scroll A Group) ②Floor of Flame (Fire Stage) ③Red Dragon (Round 2 Boss) ④Round Clear 2:33
17 ①The Dragon Tower 3 (Round 3) ②Floor of Water (Water Stage) ③Mage Kimaira (Round 3 Boss) 3:59
18 ①The Dragon Tower 4 (Round 4) ②King Crawler (Round 4 Boss) 3:13
19 ①The Dragon Tower 5 (Round 5) ②Double Dragon (Round 5 Boss) ③The Dragon Tower 6 (Round 6) ④Mage Kimaira 2 (Round 6 Boss) 2:42
20 ①Top Floor (50th Floor) ②Drachma's Final Moments 1 ③Drachma's Final Moments 2 ④End Demo (Returning Alive) ⑤Game Over/Ranking Display 3:32
21 You/Win/Lose/Perfect/Fight/Japan/Brazil/U.S.A./China/U.S.S.R./India/Spain/Thailand/Round 0:42
22 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/Final 0:28
23 "Shoryuken"/"Tatsumaki Senpyukaku"/"Dozu Koi"/Blanka's Howl/"Fire"/"Flame"/"Sonic Boom"/Defense(1)/Defense(2)/"Spinning Bird Kick"/"Hadouken"/Balrog's Voice/"Tiger"/"Uppercut" 0:47
Disc length 75:00
Disc 2

01 ①Title Demo/Credit ②Player Select ③V.S. Screen 1:19
02 ①Japan (Ryu) ②Stage End 2:14
03 ①Brazil (Blanka) ②America (Guile) 5:28
04 ①China (Chun-Li) ②Bonus Stage/New Challenger Fanfare 2:50
05 ①Japan (E. Honda) ②America (Ken) 5:26
06 ①Soviet (Zangief) ②India (Dhalsim) 4:25
07 ①America (M. Bison) ②Spain (Balrog) 4:53
08 ①Thailand (Sagat) ②Thailand (Vega) 4:47
09 ①Ending (Ryu) ②Ending (Blanka) ③Ending (Guile) ④Ending (Chun-Li) 4:30
10 ①Ending (E. Honda) ②Ending (Ken) ③Ending (Zangief) ④Ending (Dhalsim) ⑤Continue/Game Over ⑥Ranking Display 4:27
11 ①Give it your best shot (Credit)/Naming+Round Select ②Journey ③Boss Theme ④Round Clear ⑤Theme of God 4:01
12 ①Up in the Sky... (Round 2) ②Typhoon Kid (Secret) ③Bonus Stage/Perfect Fanfare 4:27
13 ①Undersea... (Round 3) ②Dragon Blue Eyes (Optional Round Clear Demo 1) ③Hidden Door (Optional Round Clear Demo 2) 3:02
14 ①Discovering the Monster Castle!! (Round 4-1) ②Starting the Infiltration (Round 4-2) 3:34
15 ①Frightening Dungeon (Round 4-3) ②Tall Tower (Round 4-4) 2:53
16 ①The Time for Battle Has Come! (Round 4-5) ②The Great Demon Lord Roeppi's Theme 4:25
17 ①Escape (Round 5-1) ②Heading for Home (Round 5-2) ③Overwhelming Victory! (Final Round Clear) 3:36
18 ①And then to Paradise (Ending 1) ②And then to Paradise (Ending 2) 2:14
19 Staff Roll 1:56
20 ①Chiki Chiki Boys (Chiki Chiki Boys Main Theme) ②Continue/Game Over ③1st Place Ranking ④Ranking Display 4:25
Disc length 74:52

Translated by seanne
Total tracks 43   Total length 2:29:52


This cassette release has unknown origin, no copyright and cat.number are available on the label but only an half Scitron logo on the cover. Since Scitron stopped cassette releases late in 1990, this cassette release would have been released in 1991 but there's no proof it's a promo release or a fan made/bootleg product.

Notes from Parent Album:
M1-01 (Street Fighter II arrange version)
  Composed and arranged by Pii

M1-02 (U.S. Navy arrange version)
  Composed and arranged by Chanchacorin

M1-03 (Magic Sword arrange version)
  Composed and arranged by Chanchacorin

M1-04 (Final Fight arrange version)
  Composed by Manami Matsumae (uncredited), taken from Final Fight Original Sound Collection [CDGM-10026] contains "OPENING" and "ROUND5 BAY AREA1"
  Arranged by Oyaji & T Yomage

M1-05~14: U.S. Navy
  Composed by Chanchacorin

M1-15~20: Magic Sword
  Composed by Chanchacorin

M1-21~23: SE Collection (Street Fighter II)

M2-01~10: Street Fighter II
  Composed by Pii, except 04②-08① by Oyaji (both uncredited), 10② WEDDING MARCH (MENDELSSOHN)

M2-11~20: Chiki Chiki Boys
  Composed by Hifumi (Note written by T Yomage)

(credits from the liner notes/staff rolls)

Produced by Yoshihiro Ohno for Scitron & Art Inc.
Directed by Takashi Okamoto for Scitron & Art Inc.
Composed and Arranged by Alfh Lyra
                                          Chanchacorin (U.S. Navy, Magic Sword)
Computer Manipulated by Kimitaka Matsumae
Musicians: Oyaji (Guitar) (1-1)
                Navy Tomioka (Guitar) (1-2, 3)
                Chopper Fujisawa (Bass Guitar) (1-3)
Recorded at Kannozaki Marine Studio, Jan. 1991
                   Light Studio, Jan. 1991
Engineered by Toshiyuki Fukui
                      Hiroki Muraoka
Assistant Engineering by Hideaki Nojima
                                    Koh-Ichi Homma
                                    Hiromi Ichikawa
Mastering Engineering by Kumiko Takeuchi
Creative Director: Haruki Tahara (Warp)
Design: Rice
Special Thanks to Capcom Marketing Team
                           HNA Kuwamoto
                           Kohji Nakamura
Executive Producer: Kazusuke Obi for Scitron & Art Inc.

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