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CODE OF PRINCESS Original Soundtrack

コード・オブ・プリンセス オリジナルサウンドトラック
Catalog Number AECP-01201~2
Release Date Jul 07, 2012
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2980 JPY
Media Format 2 CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
OrganizationsAgatsuma Entertainment


Composer / ACE (CHiCO, Tomori Kudo / )
Arranger / ACE (CHiCO, Tomori Kudo / )
Performer / CHiCO, Tomori Kudo / , Go Tsukada / , Sally, Whistle Kitamura Johnston
Recording Engineer / ACE
Mixing Engineer / ACE
Mastering Engineer / Masayo Takise /
Programmer / ACE (CHiCO, Tomori Kudo / ), Tsutomu Narita /
Mastering Studio / M's disk mastering

Disc 1 [AECP-01201] Original Soundtrack

01 Code of Princess (Main Theme) 1:23
02 Gather the Lights (Opening Song) 1:45
03 The Holy Princess (Solange's Theme) 3:43
04 While on a Journey 2:19
05 There's Nothing That Can't Be Stolen (Ali's Theme) 3:42
06 The Terrifying Liongate (Liongate's Theme) 3:47
07 Dark Queen Distiny (Distiny's Theme) 4:05
08 Come See My Discounts! (Maruneko Shop) 1:59
09 Decapitate! Tsukikage! (Tsukikage's Theme) 3:52
10 The Amazing Mr. T! (Mr. T's Theme) 4:20
11 Cool Ninja Squad (Baku's Theme) 3:24
12 We Are the Ali Baba Group! (Ali Baba Group's Theme) 3:52
13 The Little Great Wizard Alchemia (Cocoa's Theme) 3:28
14 Shall I Curse You? (Zozo's Theme) 3:56
15 Call Me Sister Hel (Sister Hel's Theme) 3:17
16 Now It's For Real! 3:31
17 Fallen Angel's Revival (Distille's Theme) 4:21
Disc length 56:44
Disc 2 [AECP-01202]

01 Your Smile 3:32
02 Now I'm Angry! 3:03
03 Sobbing Reality 2:50
04 Almost a Sage (Allegro's Theme Dokonjo) 1:02
05 The Meaning of Tears 4:05
06 Memories of the Courtyard 3:32
07 Ah My Love! 2:15
08 Everyday life 3:59
09 Determination of Sorrow 4:25
10 Adventure and Party 3:17
11 Tower of Wrenne 4:20
12 Almost a Sage (Allegro's Theme, Steady Advance) 1:12
13 Level Up 0:11
14 Game Over 0:17
15 Quest Clear 0:11
16 The Holy Princess (Gt Version) 3:37
17 Holy Death Strike of Slaughter 3:56
Disc length 45:44

Translated by reference
Total tracks 34   Total length 1:42:28


CODE OF PRINCESS Original Soundtrack

Soundtrack Produced by Yasuo Nakajima (Agatsuma Entertainment Co., Ltd.)
Composed, Arranged & Programmed by ACE (Tomori Kudo & CHiCO)
Cover Illustration by Kinu Nishimura

CODE OF PRINCESS Opening Theme Song "Gather the lights"
Composed & Arranged by ACE (Tomori Kudo & CHiCO)
Vocal: CHiCO [ACE]
E.Bass & E.Guitar: Tomori Kudo [ACE]

Chorus: CHiCO [ACE]
E.Bass & E.Guitars, A.Guitars: Tomori Kudo [ACE]
Gut Guitar "盗めないものはない": Go Tsukada
Piano "聖なる姫君": Sally (Saori Kobayashi) [茜-AKANE-]
Irish Whistle "冒険とパーティーと": Whistle Kitamura Johnston
Choir Manipulator "復活の堕天使": Tsutomu Narita

Recorded and Mixed by ACE at Studio O
Mastered by Masayo Takise at M's Disk
Art Direction & Design by Takaaki Inoue
Musician Coordinator of "Go Tsukada": Tsutomu Satomi (Shangri-la Inc.)

CODE OF PRINCESS Game Production

Original Story & Character Design: Kinu Nishimura
Guest Character Design: Cheese Gouda
Director: Toshinobu Kondo (STUDIO SAIZENSEN LTD.)
Planning Lead: Tetsuhiko Kikuchi (STUDIO SAIZENSEN LTD.)
Program Lead: Masaya Ukyo (Release Universal Network)
Animation Director: Tadashi Shida
Promotion: Nobuhiro Hikage (Agatsuma Entertainment Co., Ltd.)
Producer: Yasuo Nakajima (Agatsuma Entertainment Co., Ltd.)
General Producer: Masami Ohno (Agatsuma Entertainment Co., Ltd.)

All Music Produced by Dog Ear Records Co., Ltd.
Directed by Chiho Sekiguchi (Dog Ear Records Co., Ltd.)
Produced by Kensuke Matsushita (Dog Ear Records Co., Ltd.)

Special Thanks for
Nobuo Uematsu (Dog Ear Records Co., Ltd.)
Reiko Uematsu (Dog Ear Records Co., Ltd.)
Hiroki Ogawa (Dog Ear Records Co., Ltd.)
Rica Matsumura (Agatsuma Entertainment Co., Ltd.)
Naoto Yoneyama (empty Co., Ltd.), Kenichi Akazawa (M's Disk)
Satoshi Danboku (M's Disk), Youichi Fujikawa (Ambit)
Nagayoshi Hidetaka, Daisuke Kihara (ASCII Media Works Inc.)
Daisuke Seki (KIKUYA CD PRESS) and YOU

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