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Building Ruins

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date 2002
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement, Original Work


Disc 1

01 Below the North 8:08
02 Brighten 7:07
03 Pop-Tard 5:02
04 Xenogenesis 2:23
05 Symmetriad 6:42
06 The Civilizing Machine 4:51
07 On the Warpath 2:40
08 Wrath 4:17
09 We Are Here to Simulate 3:56
10 In Her Was the End of Breeding 5:12
11 Dental Dam Jam 2:54
12 Debris Efficiency 6:28
13 The Dark World - Crystal Abyss Mix 6:58
14 ...and moments of silence instead of just quiet 8:13
15 Building Ruins 1:00
Disc length 75:51



My first album produced using something besides Impulse Tracker, and my official migration to Propellerheads Reason. The title comes from the Don DeLillo novel White Noise.

Album covers by tOkKa

Ubik to tOkKa: "I think that feeling of overwhelming input, of sensory overflow, is an important part of the stuff you do... I think it mirrors the mindset and experiences a lot of people have, and how the mind processes so many details unconsciously... it's like a snapshot of somebody's brain.."

Ubik: .."and part of the idea of the CD as a whole is maintaining a balance between the organic and mechanical, between artificiality and reality, and between calm and frantic... and to capture that visually I think some of that visual frenzy is needed."

tOkKa: ".. what i remember was Ubik mentioning to me that societies built giant buildings and things .. (like the ancient Romans) so that centuries later ..there would be 'Ruins' and that these current societies would be remembered. K-mart became a slight theme in this. They were also having some some heavy financial issues at that time."

Track Listing

1. Below the North - Dark electronic.
2. Brighten - IDM.
3. Pop-Tard - Electrofunk.
4. Xenogenesis - Electronic. Cover of the "Organic Corridor" theme from the NES game The Guardian Legend, property of Irem and Broderbund.
5. Symmetriad - Ambient.
6. The Civilizing Machine - Electronic.
7. On the Warpath - Electronic. Cover of a track by now-defunct Purdue electronic group Star Patrol.
8. Wrath - Drum & bass. Music and voice samples from the movie Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, ©1982 Paramont Pictures.
9. We Are Here to Simulate - Dark electronic.
10. In Her Was the End of Breeding - Dark electronic.
11. Dental Dam Jam - Electrofunk.
12. Debris Efficiency - Ambient.
13. The Dark World (Crystal Abyss) - Trance. Cover of "The Dark World" from the video game Final Fantasy III, property of Squaresoft and Nobuo Uematsu.
14. ...and moments of silence instead of just quiet - Ambient.
15. Building Ruins - Ambient. Text from White Noise by Don DeLillo.

Album Stats

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The Guardian Legend (Guardic Gaiden), Final Fantasy III
Platforms represented
NES (Famicom)

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