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Psychonauts Original Soundtrack

Catalog Number N/A (reprint of DF001)
Release Date Dec 10, 2008
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 8.99 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack
Organizations Double Fine Productions / / (Publisher)
Composed by Peter McConnell
Arranged by
Performed by Sheldon Brown, Paul Hanson, Doug Hull, Steve Kirk, Michael Olmos, Michael Land, Damien Masterson, Peter McConnell, Paul Van Wageningen
Recorded by
Mixed by
Mastered by


Disc 1

01 The Meat Circus 1:56
02 Whispering Rock 4:13
03 Stay out of the Moonlight 4:30
04 Hagatha's Home 2:18
05 Happy Flowers 1:37
06 The Lungfish Lair 1:54
07 The Milkman Conspiracy 1:41
08 Dr. Loboto's Lab 1:55
09 Duel With the Critic 1:22
10 The Catwalk Phantom 1:51
11 March of the Inmates 1:42
12 Sasha's Immaculate Mind 1:40
13 The Censors Unleashed 1:30
14 Black Velvetopia 1:15
15 The Wild Bull Run/El Odio 1:37
16 The Matador 1:34
17 Gloria's Secret Garden 1:53
18 Bonita's Tragic Muse 2:13
19 Bunk Time 1:37
20 Title and End Credits 4:37
21 Emotional Baggage (Hidden Track) 0:12
Disc length 43:07


Digital version of this album was released on a variety of digital distribution services, starting in December 2008 at Amazon MP3, and later at iTunes, Steam Store, and others.

Notes from Parent Album:
What's that? You want to play Psychonauts and drive your car at the same time? Kids, that's just not smart. But you know what you can do? You can play the SOUNDTRACK to Psychonauts, while driving, eating, or even sitting in the tub. Peter McConnell is there with you, and you can enjoy his amazing compositions without the danger of an accident!
The catalogue number DF001, while not mentioned anywhere on the album, is implied with the release of the Cinematic Score, which has the catalogue number DF002.

Composed, engineered and produced by Peter McConnell at The Treehouse Studio

Sheldon Brown - Clarinet and baritone sax
Paul Hanson - Bassoon & clarinet
Doug Hull - French horn
Steve Kirk - Nylon guitar and baritone guitar
Michael Olmos - Trumpet
Michael Land - Bass
Damien Masterson - Harmonicas
Peter McConnell - Acoustic guitar, violin, mandolin, bass hand drums & percussion
Paul Van Wageningen - drums

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Microsoft Xbox, PC, Sony PlayStation 2

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