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Touhou Bakuon Jazz 3

Catalog Number ANCD-0009
Release Date Aug 11, 2012C82
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price 1000 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement
PublisherTokyo Active NEETs / /


Disc 1

01 In the Moon-Viewing Garden 5:35
02 Moon Viewing Dome 4:08
03 Playing with the Rainbow Sounds 4:50
04 A Dream of Awakening from a Dream 6:16
05 Act 1: Third Lowest Division of Pandora 5:31
06 Act 2: With You on My Left and Shikou's Mirror 4:21
07 Memories of the Sounds of Spring 5:16
08 The Blue Steam Train of the West 5:19
Disc length 41:16

Translated by Touhou Wiki & Chris Porter


Arrange & Produced by Akai Ryu-sei

Performed by
  Akai Ryu-sei: Piano
  Aoi Setsuna: Acoustic Guitar (M1,2,3,5,8), Electric Bass (M4,6,7)
  Kurozamurai: Drums (M2,3,5,8)
  Shobon: Drums (M1,4,6,7)
  [TEST]: Guitar (M1,4,6)
  MAX Thukasa: Trumpet (M1,6)
  Muta: Tenor Sax (M1,6)
  Kaworu Yamaishimoto: Tenor Sax (M2,3,5,8)
  Karohi Mizunaki: Trumpet (M2,3,5,8)
  Soujirou: Trombone (M2,3,5,8)

Mixed by Shota Nishiyori (西依 翔太)
Jacket design by KsK

Track origins:
01: U.N. Owen was her? (Touhou Koumakyou ~ the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.)
02: Broken Moon (Touhou Suimusou ~ Immaterial and Missing Power.)
03: Phantom Ensemble (Touhou Youyoumu ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom.)
04: Girls' Sealing Club (Rendai Noyakou ~ Ghostly Field Club)
05: Desire Drive (Touhou Shinreibyou ~ Ten Desires.)
06: Old Yuanshen (Touhou Shinreibyou ~ Ten Desires.)
07: Faith is for the Transient People (Touhou Fuujinroku ~ Mountain of Faith.)
08: Greenwich of the Sky (Oozora Majutsu ~ Magical Astronomy)

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