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Magic Knight Rayearth Petit Character CD

魔法騎士レイアース プチキャラCD
Catalog Number PH-098
Release Date 1995
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price Unknown (Japan)
Media Format Mini CD
Classification Arrangement
OrganizationsSEGA, Kodansha


Composer / Naomi Tamura, Hiroto Ishikawa, Katsuki Maeda, Ken Takahashi, MIO
Performer / Yuri Shiratori
Lyricist / Naomi Tamura, Katsuki Maeda, Satomi Arimori


Disc 1

01 Yuzurenai Negai ~ Asu e no Yuuki ~ Kirai ni Narenai ~ Lullaby: Yasashiku Dakasete 6:47
Disc length 6:47



Puchi Kyara CD (Limited Edition Rayearth Single CD).
A Mini CD on a keychain with a golden Mokona on the front.
Contains one track, which plays a single track melody of the opening & closing themes in an instrumental/music box style with Mokona going "p-puu!" between the themes.

Yuzurenai Negai
Lyrics: Naomi Tamura
Composed: Naomi Tamura, Hiroto Ishikawa

Asu e no Yuuki
Lyrics, Music: Katsuki Maeda

Kirai ni Narenai
Lyrics, Music: Ken Takahashi

Lullaby ~ Yasashiku Dakasete
Lyrics: Satomi Arimori
Music: MIO
Performed by: Mokona (CV: Yuri Shiratori)

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