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Music from Project Ys

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Dec 31, 1996
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price 1300 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Original Work


Composer / Atsushi Fukai /
Performer / Atsushi Fukai /


Disc 1

01 Joy of Departure 0:52
02 Beyond the Legend 2:21
03 Adventurer 1:37
04 The Wind of Another World 1:27
05 Shade of Time 1:38
06 Return of the Legend 2:02
07 Abyss 3:06
08 Stride into the Unknown 2:01
09 Hostile Territory 2:34
10 Crash! 2:13
11 Beats of Courage 2:18
12 Leena 2:02
13 Warmth of Love 2:15
14 Private Residence 1:17
15 Shop 1:06
16 Road to Justice 2:03
17 Legend of Roda 3:00
18 A Pulsation in the Darkness 2:28
19 For Those Whom We Must Protect 1:35
20 Theme of Adol '98 1:54
21 Interval of Illusion 1:52
22 Face of the Goddess 1:33
23 Gust of History 2:14
24 Corridor of Fate 1:57
25 Umei no Kairou 1:13
26 Fight for Destiny 2:50
27 Farewell 2:26
28 A New Journey 3:32
29 Remember the Dream 2:22
30 One Hour Vision 0:29
Disc length 60:17



"Ys" is a legendary RPG series produced by Nihon Falcom Corp. This is a fearless project
of creating an original soundtrack to an imaginary sequel to the Ys series!

Unlike all the rest of Adol Christine's adventures, this story is not included in the volumes
of diaries that Adol put together because it happened after he had completed the existing volumes.

At the age of 63, adol heads for his long wished goal of unconquered North pole.
However, since nobody had confirmed Adol's return from this venture, it is recorded that Adol
failed to accomplish the goal. On the contrary, the truth was that Adol actually did get to
the north pole. He just didn't return "in time". What Adol discovers at the pole is an entrance
to another world. Every matter in that world existed as materializations of principles and spirits,
and although an old man back on earth, in this world Adol gets to exist as a young and powerful
man that he once was, as his spirit has been continuing to be. Through his adventures in this
mysterious world, Adol discovers that he is in the world where the goddesses of Ys were born.

Now begins Adol's new adventure life beyond time and space....

NOTE: Atsushi Fukai is not the music composer of the Ys games 1-5.
This is an original 'sequel' orientated soundtrack, intentionally written to sound as
if it really was a sequel (with the same style), yet with it's own original music. In honor of
Falcom's time proved classic "Ys".

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