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Catalog Number KJP-0015 (Japanese printing of KJP-0015US)
Release Date Feb 21, 2013
Publish Format Commercial, Enclosure
Release Price 9980 JPY (Package Price)
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
LabelKONAMI / /
PublisherKonami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. / /


Composer / Jamie Christopherson, Konami Kukeiha Club / , Graeme Cornies, Brian Pickett, James Chapple, David Kelly
Arranger / Jamie Christopherson
Performer / Aaron Kaplan, Graeme Cornies, Andrew Synowiec, Jamie Christopherson, David Kelly, Len Rizzo
Sound Director / Naoto Tanaka /


Disc 1

01 Revenge with a Vengeance 1:46
02 Virtual Reality 2:11
03 Virtual Reality (Low Key Version) 2:07
04 Ambushed 2:44
05 Ambushed (Low Key Version) 2:33
06 Chasing The Wind 2:06
07 Black Sea 2:41
08 Dark Skies (Instrumental Version) 2:15
09 Rising Action 1 1:54
10 Domestic Scars 2:31
11 Hideout 2:10
12 Underground 2:08
13 Underground (Low Key Version) 2:08
14 Dwarf Gekko 2:05
15 City Silhouette 2:05
16 Return to Ashes (Instrumental Version) 2:14
17 The Other Face of the City 2:08
18 Two Sides to the Coin 1:47
19 The Haves 2:07
20 Rising Action 2 2:12
21 Mystical Ninja 2:15
22 Mystical Ninja (Blade Mode) 0:32
23 Mystical Ninja (Low Key Version) 2:12
24 Endurance 3:02
25 Rewired 1:40
26 Rising Action 3 1:40
27 The Truth 2:22
28 A Soul Can't be Cut (Instrumental Version) 2:17
29 Open Frontier 2:09
30 The Mastermind 2:11
31 Might Make Right 2:10
32 Charging 1:39
Disc length 68:01



Included in the Japanese Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance premium package.

Notes from Parent Album:
Comes with the North American Limited Edition of the game.

No tracklist was provided with the US release. Track titles are taken from the Japanese version of the album.

From In-Game Credits:
Music Director: Naoto Tanaka

Song Remix: Akira Takizawa

Maniac Agenda:
Producers: Antonio "S.A.T." Gonzalez & Dennis "Ramen" Gonzalez
Musician: Len Rizzo

Music Composed by: Jamie Christopherson
Additional Music by: Graeme Cornies, Brian Pickett, James Chapple and David Kelly
Score Mixed by: Jamie Christopherson
Surround Sound Mixing by: Gary Adante & Rob Arbittier
Vocals Recorded at Sonic Fuel Studios, Darth Mader Music, & Voodoo Highway
Drums Recorded at Stagg Street Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Assistant to Jamie Christopherson:
Robben Fenderson

Assistant Engineer to Logan Mader:
Damien Rainaud

Additional Programming:
Graeme Cornies
Brian Pickett
James Chapple
David Kelly
Damien Rainaud
Robben Fenderson

Guitars by:
Aaron Kaplan
Graeme Cornies
Andrew Synowiec
Jamie Christopherson
David Kelly

Dance Therapy Productions
Producer: Ferry Corsten

Special Thanks:
Logan Mader, Pete Crossman, Voodoo Highway Music & Post, Inc., Soundelux Design Music Group, Sonic Fuel Studios, Chris Lennertz, Tim Wynn, Jeff MacDonald, Kevin Riepl, For Dance Therapy/Flashover Recordings: Joeri Lodders, Lia Coleyco, Rob Van Dongen, Martin Corsten, Brian Dessaur, Dimitri De Wit, Paula van der Waerden

Tracks 21 & 23 are both arranges of "Stage 1 BGM/Town BGM" from Ganbare Goemon! Karakuri Dōchū.

Album Stats

Contained in 12 collections
Contained in 2 wish lists
Products represented
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Platforms represented
Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3

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