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The Fall of Bahamut

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Oct 10, 2012
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price 5.00 USD
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement, Vocal
PublisherThose Who Fight / /
Exclusive RetailerBandcamp / /


Composer / Nobuo Uematsu /
Arranger / Those Who Fight
Performer / Those Who Fight (Leviathan, Crusader, Titan, Diablos, Doomtrain, Atomos)
Lyricist / Mateo John Marshall, Jon Berglind, Amanda Lepre, Mike Willard


Disc 1

01 State of the World 3:37
02 Walking in the Dark 4:41
03 Madness of Science 4:21
04 Sinister Assault 8:56
Disc length 21:35



Final Fantasy rock opera EP.
Also available digitally.

Lyrics by: Mateo John Marshall, Jon Berglind, Amanda Lepre, and Mike Willard

[Those Who Fight]
Leviathan - Vocals, Lead Guitar
Crusader - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Titan - Vocals
Diablos - Keyboards
Doomtrain - Bass
Atomos - Drums

"State of the World" is a cover of FF7's Opening ~ Bombing Mission
"Walking in the Dark" is a cover of FF6's The Opera House
"Madness of Science" is a cover of FF6's Devil's Lab
"Sinister Assault" is a cover of FF6's The Fierce Battle

Album Stats

Contained in 2 collections
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Products represented
Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VI
Platforms represented
SNES (Super Famicom), Sony PlayStation

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