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Touhou Kuenka -SAI-



Disc 1

01 SKY HIGH(more sky high ver.)
02 縁の華(四蹴Ver.)
03 Radiance(Rock ver.)
04 Nobody Knows(Studio Live Ver.)
05 Sky of the Universe(Re-birth Ver.)
06 名も無き意識(AR PSYREMIX Ver.)
07 花守-HANAMORI-(MinimaMix Ver.)
08 Summer Tuner (Re-Tuned Ver.)
09 相剋酔夢譚(Dancing Butterfly ver)
10 疾風ライド(Dramatical ver.)
11 Ring Wandering(2度あることは3度あRemix Ver.)
Disc length


Comiket 83 Release.

This is the 5th Battle song collection from the doujin game spinoff "Touhou Sky Arena".

Mastering done by D-Sound.
Planning done by area-zero.

Track Information:

01. SKY HIGH(more sky high ver.)
Circle: Rokugen Alice
Original Track: Maiden's Capriccio ~ Dream Battle (Touhou Eiyashou)
Vocals: Anna Sakurai / Arranger: Asuke Rokugen / Lyrics: Anna Sakurai

02. 縁の華(四蹴Ver.)
Original Track: The Primal Scene of Japan the Girl Saw (Touhou Fuujinroku)
Vocals: Ranko / Arranger: Comp / Lyrics: Comp

03. Radiance(Rock ver.)
Circle: Sound Online
Original Track: Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion (Touhou Chireiden)
Vocals: Aki Misawa / Arranger: Tsukasa Yatoki / Lyrics: Aki Misawa / Guitars: PHEVOTT (kimino-museum) / Violin: siun

04. Nobody Knows(Studio Live Ver.)
Circle: Crest
Original Track: Spring Lane ~ Colorful Path (Touhou Kaeidzuka)
Vocals: Lyn-A / Arranger: JeetSingh / Lyrics: Peko

05. Sky of the Universe(Re-birth Ver.)
Circle: 5150
Original Track: Magus Night (Yousei Daisensou)
Vocals, arrangement, and lyrics by ryu-5150

06. 名も無き意識(AR PSYREMIX Ver.)
Circle: Collaboration between TAMUSIC, Souwer cherry, and Tsukie Minagawa
Original Track: Hartmann's Youkai Girl (Touhou Chireiden)
Vocals: Souwer / Arranger: Aruna Ryuki / Lyrics: Tsukie Minagawa

07. 花守-HANAMORI-(MinimaMix Ver.)
Circle: Matrica
Original Track: Native Faith (Touhou Fuujinroku)
Vocals: Aaya Midorizaka (緑坂 亜綾) / Arranger: 大久保 潤 / Lyrics: Aaya Midorizaka (緑坂 亜綾)

08. Summer Tuner (Re-Tuned Ver.)
Circle: A-One
Original Track: Bell of Avici ~ Infinite Nightmare (Double Spoiler)
Vocals: Takahito "Rute" Koshida, Aki / Arranger: ELEMENTAS / Lyrics: Yassie, Rute

09. 相剋酔夢譚(Dancing Butterfly ver)
Circle: the forget-me-not
Original Track: Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea (Touhou Koumakyou)
Vocals: Souwer / Arranger: einherjer / Lyrics: einherjer

10. 疾風ライド(Dramatical ver.)
Circle: Rokugen Alice
Original Track: The Youkai Mountain ~ Mysterious Mountain (Touhou Fuujinroku)
Vocals: Anna Sakurai / Arranger: Asuke Rokugen / Lyrics: Anna Sakurai

11. Ring Wandering(2度あることは3度あRemix Ver.)
Original Track: The Fantastic Legend of Tohno (Touhou Youyoumu)
Vocals: Mie / Arranger: GCHM / Lyrics: Jell

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