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Touhou Kuenka -SAI-



Disc 1

01 SKY HIGH(more sky high ver.) 5:52
02 縁の華(四蹴Ver.) 4:10
03 Radiance(Rock ver.) 4:48
04 Nobody Knows(Studio Live Ver.) 4:30
05 Sky of the Universe(Re-birth Ver.) 5:17
06 名も無き意識(AR PSYREMIX Ver.) 4:25
07 花守-HANAMORI-(MinimaMix Ver.) 3:48
08 Summer Tuner (Re-Tuned Ver.) 4:15
09 相剋酔夢譚(Dancing Butterfly ver) 4:05
10 疾風ライド(Dramatical ver.) 4:27
11 Ring Wandering(2度あることは3度あRemix Ver.) 4:52
Disc length 50:29


Comiket 83 Release.

This is the 5th Battle song collection from the doujin game spinoff "Touhou Sky Arena".

Mastering done by D-Sound.
Planning done by area-zero.

Track Information:

01. SKY HIGH(more sky high ver.)
Circle: Rokugen Alice
Original Track: Maiden's Capriccio ~ Dream Battle (Touhou Eiyashou)
Vocals: Anna Sakurai / Arranger: Asuke Rokugen / Lyrics: Anna Sakurai

02. 縁の華(四蹴Ver.)
Original Track: The Primal Scene of Japan the Girl Saw (Touhou Fuujinroku)
Vocals: Ranko / Arranger: Comp / Lyrics: Comp

03. Radiance(Rock ver.)
Circle: Sound Online
Original Track: Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion (Touhou Chireiden)
Vocals: Aki Misawa / Arranger: Tsukasa Yatoki / Lyrics: Aki Misawa / Guitars: PHEVOTT (kimino-museum) / Violin: siun

04. Nobody Knows(Studio Live Ver.)
Circle: Crest
Original Track: Spring Lane ~ Colorful Path (Touhou Kaeidzuka)
Vocals: Lyn-A / Arranger: JeetSingh / Lyrics: Peko

05. Sky of the Universe(Re-birth Ver.)
Circle: 5150
Original Track: Magus Night (Yousei Daisensou)
Vocals, arrangement, and lyrics by ryu-5150

06. 名も無き意識(AR PSYREMIX Ver.)
Circle: Collaboration between TAMUSIC, Souwer cherry, and Tsukie Minagawa
Original Track: Hartmann's Youkai Girl (Touhou Chireiden)
Vocals: Souwer / Arranger: Aruna Ryuki / Lyrics: Tsukie Minagawa

07. 花守-HANAMORI-(MinimaMix Ver.)
Circle: Matrica
Original Track: Native Faith (Touhou Fuujinroku)
Vocals: Aaya Midorizaka (緑坂 亜綾) / Arranger: 大久保 潤 / Lyrics: Aaya Midorizaka (緑坂 亜綾)

08. Summer Tuner (Re-Tuned Ver.)
Circle: A-One
Original Track: Bell of Avici ~ Infinite Nightmare (Double Spoiler)
Vocals: Takahito "Rute" Koshida, Aki / Arranger: ELEMENTAS / Lyrics: Yassie, Rute

09. 相剋酔夢譚(Dancing Butterfly ver)
Circle: the forget-me-not
Original Track: Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea (Touhou Koumakyou)
Vocals: Souwer / Arranger: einherjer / Lyrics: einherjer

10. 疾風ライド(Dramatical ver.)
Circle: Rokugen Alice
Original Track: The Youkai Mountain ~ Mysterious Mountain (Touhou Fuujinroku)
Vocals: Anna Sakurai / Arranger: Asuke Rokugen / Lyrics: Anna Sakurai

11. Ring Wandering(2度あることは3度あRemix Ver.)
Original Track: The Fantastic Legend of Tohno (Touhou Youyoumu)
Vocals: Mie / Arranger: GCHM / Lyrics: Jell

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